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    Opinions, baby girl #2

    What are your opinions on the name Calla? Looking for a name for baby girl #2 and hubby and I have been throwing it around for awhile. Wondering what kind if vibe you get from the name? Do you think it's old-fashioned? Different, but not too out there? Modern?

    Hoping for a name with an older feel. Also ultra feminine. That's what I get from it, just wondering if that's a consensus or if it's what I'm wanting it to be--if that makes sense.

    DD #1 is Augusta if that gives you more info on my taste. Open to middle name suggestions as well, though we're leaning towards Jane. Thanks in advance!

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    Calls Jane is so pretty! It brings to mind the Calla Lily, but it feels fresh. I've never met a Calla, so it's unique but it's really pretty!
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    I like Calla. Def "different, but not too out there". I don't see it as old-fashioned or modern. A bit exotic, but approachable?

    I see Augusta as more old-fashioned than Calla, but I think they work fine as sisters. Calla Jane is nice, but a wee bit simple for my taste. I would probably pair it with something longer, like

    Calla Josephine
    Calla Winifred
    Calla Georgina
    Calla Penelope
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    I love Calla. It's one of my favorites. I do know one Calla who is around 18. She's a spunky blonde and very beautiful
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    Thanks so much for the responses, and for making me more solidified in my decision!

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