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    I love Jasmine's idea of Lila Colette (though I prefer Lilah, just because I find it looks more finished).

    I'm not crazy about Colette as a first name (I adore the potential nickname Etta though!), and Lily is a bit popular for me (I do still adore Lilya, though, even though I know it would almost always be shortened to Lily).

    Have you thought about Lilette?

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    I also love the idea of Lila Colette, and although Colette Lily is pretty it doesn't seem to flow as well xx

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    Colette is my favorite ... Colette Victoria.
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    I agree with previous posters; Lila Colette is beautiful. Lila Victoria is my favourite of the four you listed but I think it sounds better as Lily Victoria, I've never been fond of multiple 'a' endings, I'm not keen on how they sound.
    Not expecting but hopefully one day that will change.

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