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    What Do You Think Of...? My Heart Is Set On It, His Is Not.

    Gemma Lucy.

    what do you think? just curious.

    I feel deeply about it and DH is being very close-minded. I have 2 more months to convince him but gets harder every day.

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    Growing up in the UK, I knew a lot of Gemma's who were born in the 1980's. It was a very popular name then. As such the name now feels dated to me, sorry.

    Though it may have a different feel in the US. I'm not sure where you are from.

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    I love the name Gemma and also like Lucy too. I'm not loving the flow of the names together.

    Also, I'm a big believer in the parents choosing the name together. Not to say that one person can't feel stronger about a name than the other. But in the end, if one parent really isn't feeling it, I say that name is out. Otherwise, I would have way more out-there names for my kids! It was worth keeping at it until we agreed.
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    Feels dated to me too sorry. I wouldn't pick a name my husband didn't like, he has to live with it too.
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    I know of two ladies named Gemma: Gemma Arterton and Gemma Ward. Both are amazingly beautiful, so that's the way I picture the name. Plus it's Italian and anything Italian is love for me.

    I've never met a little Gemma irl, but I think it is a lovely name. It's been gaining popularity in the US since 2008 (Gemma Arterton --> Quantum of Solace) but still only coming in around #300.

    Why doesn't your husband like it?

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