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    I'm afraid I can't do that lol.

    I don't like the name Gloria. It's old fashioned. BUT Sophia Vergara's character on Modern Family may help update the name a little. If you can picture her, the name suddenly becomes a lot more attractive!
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    1. not glorious; a heavy middle-aged woman with a beehive

    2. would be adorable on a little girl with blonde ringlets

    3. very middle-aged; starting with a guttural sound and ending with a light one gives whiplash

    4. my mom's first name is Gloria; she hates it

    5. old fashioned

    6. ?
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    6. I love Gloria. I think she's retro, quirky, funky, vivacious, smart, glorious. She's definitely in-your-face, but still feminine and sweet. I imagine a really fiery woman with this name - maybe that little blonde with ringlets grows into a strong, compelling woman, life of the party, maybe not the most conventionally beautiful, but just someone who draws you in, makes you want to be her friend - and she is a good friend, she will be there when things get rough, and she'll know when to say something funny or when it's just time to grab the wine and/or ice cream and settle in for a cry. I think Gloria feels everything. One day, when she's a little gray and a lot overweight, Gloria becomes the best beehived grandma in the world, who gives you candy and knows your favorite cartoons and has all sorts of crazy stories to tell you when you turn 18 and you're old enough to hear them.

    P.S. For what it's worth, I think beehives are kind of awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lesliemarion View Post
    to me.

    I picture a heavy middle-aged woman with a beehive.

    pretty much this ^
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    My grandmother's name. She was beautiful, so I picture a striking beauty with this name. You would certainly be ahead of the pack on bringing this one back. I would love to meet a little Gloria though.
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