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  • Frederick Luke

    13 16.67%
  • Frederick Darcy

    31 39.74%
  • Darcy Luke

    1 1.28%
  • William Luke

    10 12.82%
  • William Darcy

    23 29.49%
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    Opinions of top three names for our boy

    Hi Berries

    I would really appreciate some name help! We're expecting our first child, a boy, due February 2014. Ideally I would like to choose the name soon but in reality I think a shortlist that we can go to hospital with will be fine. Our last name is 3 syllables and starts with Ol as in Oliver. Actually it's very similar to Oliver with a -ton ending.

    Our most favourite girls name combination is Matilda Kate, "Tilly". We feel in love with this name 2 years ago. It would be ideal for the boys name to fit with Matilda. Some other favourite girls names include Penelope, Isobel and Adele. I could add more but that's not the point of this post.

    For boys we tend to like classic names. We especially like names that lend themselves to nicknames. My husband is particularly adamant that the name must look good on a resume. For him, I think this means easy to spell, read and pronounce.

    Our top 3 names are:

    Frederick Luke / Frederick Darcy- we love but I'm afraid of the initials Fred O as in Freddo Frog (My husband doesn't think it's an issue). I like the meaning of Frederick - peaceful ruler. However I'm also getting cold feet because I'm not sure how this name would be perceived in Australia. Is Fred/Freddie incredibly fusty for an Australian boy? Or is it unexpected but cool?

    Darcy Luke - this has been a favourite for years. However is it too nicknamey? Does it hold its own against our girl names? Lastly I've recently taught a little girl Darcy. Do you think Darcy is becoming unisex in Australia?

    William Darcy / William Luke - the no 1 in Aussie land. I still absolutely adore this name however a friend (not a close friend) named her boy William recently. We really don't do much with them but we have mutual friends.

    on the longer list are

    Finnian (Finn) - just found this one last week
    Felix - I like Felix but don't like the feel and lix sound individually. What would the nickname be?
    Maxwell - this was a top runner until I told a friend and she said Max is a dog's name. Next week we went to the vets and the other dog's name was.. Max. Also if we had a girl there is a clothing brand Max and Tilly.

    My last question is what is your opinion on middle names? Luke is a family name that we may use in the middle. My husband and I both don't have family names in our names so we don't feel obliged to use Luke at all. We may decide on our own special combination just for him.

    All opinions welcome - Aussie or not
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    Frederick Darcy is very handsome and a great flow. Frederick Luke would be my second pick.

    Honoring is a personal thing. We feel that it is very important for our own personal reasons.
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    I like Frederick Darcy the best. Darcy is a very unisex name, I think, especially in light of Pride & Prejudice. I really like William Darcy, too, but it's a little too Jane Austen (Fitzwilliam Darcy)

    I like Finnian, particularly the nn Finn and Maxwell, too. Max is a popular dogs name, but it's also a mans name.

    Middle names are really personal decisions. For me, I do have versions of family names that I'd like to honor, but it's absolutely not a necessity by any means. For other people, it is very important to honor family traditions. You sound more like me, where it would be nice, but it's not necessary. In the end, go with whatever sounds and feels right to you

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    I love William Darcy! All sorts of good nns and with Darcy in the middle spot, there won't be ny confusion about unisex names next to the masculine William.
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    I voted for Frederick Luke. Although I love the sound of Fredrick Darcy too. Luke being a family name pushed it ahead a fraction. But only just. Now I'm typing this I think Frederick Darcy's the spunkier pick! Oh well.
    I think William is pretty cute and because it's a classic the popularity doesn't matter so much. But I love Fredrick more for haveing that unexpected charm William now lacks given its current 1 status. Plus Freddie and Fredo make super cute nn's. I wouldn't let the frog thing bother you.
    Darcy is kinda unisex and lacks the classic feel of your other names.
    Maxwell is awesome and my sister whose a vet nurse always tells me some if my favorite names are popular dog names ... Meh they were people names first!
    Good luck
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