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    Middle name for Amara - help needed :)

    Hi everyone,
    I would really appreciate some help choosing a middle name for Amara for our baby girl.

    To give an indication of the type of name we like, the other name combo option on our list is Aria Scarlett. I just feel that Scarlett is not quite the right middle name for Amara. The full list of names considered - but not quite there, listed below.

    Amara Juliet
    Amara Colette
    Amara Scarlett

    Thank you xxx

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    Amara Juliet. Juliet is really nice middle name for many names and will probably be next filler middle.
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    thank you sorceress, we do love Juliet but wasn't sure if it was right

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    From your list, I prefer Amara Colette.
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