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    PART 1:

    Wrote my comments for each name, phew. Sorry if some of the comments are short, I was getting tired and some names I didn't have much to say about, just flat out don't like them.
    Favorites are bold and underlined!

    Adelaide ~Honestly, not a huge fan of this name, but I guess it's growing on me. I keep thinking of kool-aid when I read it though. That's just me though.
    Adelle/Audelle ~I like that the spelling of Adelle is different but that's about it. Not a fan of Audelle though.
    Allifair ~Seems more like a boys name to me because of it's similarities to Alastair.
    Althea nn Thea ~Thea is a cute name, other than that...I'm not a fan.
    Alys/Alyse/Alice ~Alice would be okay as a first name but if you wanna use Alys or Alyse, I suggest going the middle name route.
    Ansel ~Seems more masculine to me.
    Antigone ~I may be the only one who supports this but I guess it's a slight GP of mine, I'd never use it myself but...I do like it!!
    Araminta ~Not even 100% sure on the pronunciation...
    Asia ~I like some place names, not this one though.
    Astoria ~Story is big and I don't care for it, I feel like this is a good name where you could use Story as a nn if you really liked Story. Kind of a cute name though.
    Auden (a spin of Audrey after Audrey Hepburn, and my favorite season, Autumn) ~Not a huge fan of this, however I'm favoriting it because I love you reasoning!! Names with meaning to you are the best!!
    Aurora nn Rory ~Love this! Wanted to use it myself honestly but there are other names I like more at the moment, plus I'm having boys now anyway. Haha! It is adorable though and Rory as a nn is just perfect.
    Beatrice/Bettrys nn Bea ~Ahh, sigh. So nice to see Beatrice instead of Beatrix on here. I don't really care for the name, but it is nice to see. Bea is such a cute nn!
    Bellamy mn maybe? ~If you're gonna use this, I definitely suggest it only as a mn. Not a fan.
    Blaine nn Bea ~This is pretty cute, I feel like it's slightly more masculine though, the nn Bea gives it that feminine feel.
    Blush (probably my favorite color name) ~This is actually kind of cute. If all other color names can be used, why not this one? Give it life!
    Blythe ~I never know how to pronounce this!!!! This name frustrates me on so many levels. Definitely not a fan!!!
    Chelsea ~Pretty cute name. Definitely one of your better ones thus far. It's on my list though I'm sure I'll never use it.
    Chloe nn Clover or Clovis ~Uh, not sure how Chloe turns to Clover....I could see Clover...Clo...turning into Chloe but I have a hard time seeing it the other way. I definitely suggest Clover over Clovis though and I do like Clover and Chloe individually.
    Claire ~Cute, I think it makes an adorable mn (for my style) but if you like it as a first, go for it! Claire and Alice?
    Cordelia nn Cory or Coco ~This is another one where I think the nn is a bit of a stretch but not a fan of any of this honestly.
    Cornelia ~This is a little better, though I think of the masculine form Cornelius almost immediately.
    Darby's okay. I think Darcy is better though I don't care for either.
    Dandelion ~This is cute. No Dandy as a nn? xD hahaha!
    Danieli (dan-yell-lee) ~Kind of 'trendy' (though I hate when people say that about a name, sigh) however, it's a unique twist to Danielle and if you prefer the unique names, more power to you!
    Edith/Edythe ~Not a fan as a first name, okay middle name though!
    Eilidh ~......huh? Not even sure how to start to pronounce this haha sorry!
    Eleanora ~Not really a fan of this, but it's not the worst.
    Eliza ~...This isn't too bad I guess...
    Ellanoir ~Um, I like the Ella part, I feel like noir ruins it though.
    Elodie ~Kinda cute. There's better on here though.
    Elowen nn Elle or Wren ~Not a fan of Elowen exactly but I do like the nns you have for it. Wren especially!
    Elsinore ~Not sure how to pronounce this so, nope.
    Elspeth ~Another that I'm unsure how to pronounce.
    Elsyve (made this one up myself , pronounced, else-iv) ~I actually think pronouncing it Else-eve would be better. I do like the spelling though. Seems like a name that would be around.
    Eluned ~Not sure how to pronounce but it just doesn't look feminine at all.
    Emerald nn Emmy ~Adorable!!!! Love it.
    Emily nn Emma ~I don't think Emma would be a good nn for Emily. I say use one or the other, and I'm biased but my vote is for Emma!!!
    Endellion ~Seems a bit more masculine to me honestly but not too bad.
    Enid ~Would be an okay middle name I guess. I feel like it's a bit outdated though.
    Ethel ~Another fairly outdated name. Better than Enid though.
    Etta ~Kind of cute. I think I might like this over Ella.
    Eulalie ~Not sure how to pronounce.
    Eunice ~This one makes me feel like I'm saying something disgusting. Just feels like a word for something gross. I don't like it as a person's name!
    Fiona nn Fig (personal reason for the nn Fig, lol) ~Love the name Fiona, I think Fig would be a cute nn if you had a specific reason for it!
    Florence ~Kind of a pretty place name. Not the best but I do like it.
    Francesca nn Frankie ~...sigh. Francesca is eh, okay. Not a fan of Frankie for a girl though.
    Gilda ~I feel like this is something that would be the name of a television dinosaur or stuffed one. NOT SURE WHY HAHA.
    Gwendolen nn Dolly, Gwen, and/or Wendy ~I really don't like Gwendolen, like at all. It's nice to see different nns rather than Gwen though.
    Hazyl nn Haze ~Not a fan of Hazel originally, and I definitely don't care for this spelling. Plus, I think it'd be a baaad idea for a nn to be Haze!
    Hazyn nn Haze ~This is even worse, sorry.
    Hepburn ~I'm assuming this is because of your Aubrey Hepburn crush. I think this would be a cute mn but, I wouldn't use it as a first.
    Hilde ~Not a fan of this. Too outdated for my taste.
    Ingrid nn Indie or Isa ~I don't like this at all. Indie is a cute nn but not for this name.
    Irelyn ~I do like Ireland, but this is eh. Ireland is way better sorry!
    Isa ~Makes me think of Isadora which I don't like.
    Isadora nn Isa ~And here it is....nope. Sorry.
    Isla ~This is alright. I'm not a big fan of I names really.
    Isolde/Isotta ~Nope, not a fan.
    Izmir (it's a city in Turkey) ~I would use this as a mn if Turkey is special to you in someway, otherwise I'd stay away.
    Jane nn Janebird (family name) ~Since it's a family name, I recommend it as a middle name, though I do like it.
    Jolie ~This has been growing on me. Kinda cute. Figured I haven't favorited that many, so I did to this one.
    Juniper nn Juno ~Juniper has been growing on me as a middle name. I do like Juno on it's own though!!
    Juno ~THERE WE GO! Yes. Juno, love it. Antigone and Juno? Swoon.
    Katy/Kate/Cate ~Not a fan, I've known too many, sorry.
    Kandee (after my favorite makeup artist, Kandee Johnson) ~I do like that your reasoning however, most people would judge you for this choice, so if you choose it, be prepared for that. Maybe as a middle?
    Kinsley ~This is actually pretty cute!
    Laguna ~Laguna Beach? No. Wouldn't recommend it.
    Lennox ~I like this on a boy, not on a girl.
    Lila ~A fairly cute name, but I do like other L names more. (i.e. Lola, Lucy, Leah)
    Lilac nn Lila ~This would be cute.
    Lily/Lilly ~Not a fan of Lily, like at all. I prefer the flower names Daisy and Violet.
    Llewellyn nn Lulu ~Not 100% sure how to pronounce this, kinda like the nn Lulu though.
    London ~Not one of the better place names.
    Lottie (family name) ~The longer version of Lottie is usually Letitia, in case you didn't know that. I suggest family names work better as middle names.
    Lotus ~Not a fan of this. There are better names.
    Lulu ~Ahh Lulu. Adorable. While I think this is cute, I think it's better to have a full name and use this as a nn.
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    PART 2: (silly nameberry limit)

    Magnolia ~This isn't too bad, though I can't really picture a little Magnolia.
    Margo ~Definitely not my style.
    Marilyn ~Not really a fan of this honestly.
    Marlowe ~Nope, wouldn't suggest it.
    McKinnley ~This is cute but it looks too surname-y with the capital K.
    Meryl ~This isn't too bad but eh, not the best either.
    Millicent nn Lily/Lilli (can't stand the nn Milly) ~This is cute and I agree with the nn Milly, though I don't like Lily either!
    Monroe ~MY FAVORITE NAME RIGHT NOW. My SO and I decided if our next child was a girl, this would be her name!!! Love it!!!!!!! I can't stress it enough!!!!!
    Molly ~Pretty cute, though I think it's getting semi-popular. I've met a few little Molly's lately...then again, that may stop for a little with the drug. Who knows.
    Myfanwy ~My fanny? That's seriously the first thing I thought of when I saw this.
    Nary ~Not a fan. Not even sure how to say it or if it's a name.
    Navy ~This is okay, but I can't decide which gender I'd put it under so....
    Nicola/Nicole ~Not a huge fan of this. I only use Nicole as a mn to honor her father, who I don't care for yeah.
    Noemi ~This is okay....not sure I like it though.
    Nora ~Nora is sooo cute!!!
    Novis ~Eh, I don't recommend this.
    Odette ~This is actually my second favorite O name for girls, next to Olivia obviously. I'd use it as a middle name though.
    Olivia ~Olivia is adorable!!! Love it.
    Opal ~I only like this as a mn honestly.
    Ophelia ~I guess this is okay....
    Orchid ~I would say this is okay but then I saw the other poster say it's meaning!!!!! Yuck!!!
    Othella ~Oh this is unique, I kinda like it.
    Ottilie nn Lottie ~I do like Lottie, not a fan of this full name though.
    Ottoline nn Lottie ~Again, I like Lottie, not a fan of the full name.
    Paloma nn Plum ~I do not like this name or the nickname with it, leaves a bad taste in my mouth!
    Paris ~A lot like London in my eyes.
    Peony ~Another one that frustrates me with pronunciation!!!
    Phaedra ~No clue on pronunciation.
    Philippa ~Sometimes the female form of male names work, doesn't.
    Philomena ~Not sure on pronunciation.
    Phoenix ~Not sure if this is more for a boy or a girl....
    Pippin ~While I like Piper, not a fan of this!
    Reisel/Resel art easel? Sigh. No.
    Reverie ~I've seen another poster mention this name before. HOW IS IT EVEN PRONOUNCED!? I'm genuinely curious. Rev-er-e?
    Riordan nn Rory ~I like Rory but not Riordan
    Róisín/Rhosyn ~Not sure how to pronounce this.
    Scarlet/Scarlett ~I really..dislike..when people spell it with one T, looks so wrong to me, no clue why. I do love the name though.
    Scotlyn ~Okay, this is a lot like Irelyn, however with that I prefer Ireland. With this I think I do like Scotlyn better than Scotland. It does sorta look like it's spelled wrong though, so maybe try Scotlynn? Just a suggestion. Either work.
    Shirley ~I just think of Temple and I don't care for it because of that honestly.
    Skylark ~This seems like a way to make Skyler masculine....sorry.
    Stevia (my dad's name is Steven, but I'm still not sure about this one, lol) ~Yeah I would suggest not using this for a girl, rather using Steven as a middle name for a boy.
    Surrey ~Seems masculine to me, not sure why.
    Sutton ~Another name that seems masculine.
    Tabitha ~This name seems really dark to me. I've never cared for it.
    Talitha ~Not sure what this is supposed to be so no.
    Thalassa ~Another one that's a no, not sure how to pronounce that.
    Thea ~Thea is cute by itself!!!
    Thessaly ~No...but might I suggest Tessa?
    Thelma ~AND LOUISE! Wow. Sorry, had to. Not a fan though.
    Thistle ~Whistle Thistle. Not a fan.
    Whimsy ~Whimsical Not a fan.
    Whitley ~This is okay I guess, prefer Whitney.
    Willa nn Willow ~NOPE. I'm not a big fan of W names, especially Willow. The name irks me!!!
    Willamina/Wilhelmina nn Willa, and/or Willow ~See above, no W or Willow. Wilhelmina is a name I've never liked anyway!
    Willow nn Willa ~No Willow.
    Winifred nn Winnie ~This is the one W name you have that's actually pretty okay. Winnie is a cute nn.
    Winnie ~I like Winnie as a nn but I don't think it stands alone well.
    Winslet nn Winnie ~Oooo, I do like this!!! Winnie is a cute nn for it. I think I like this better than Winifred honestly.
    Yvette nn Yv/Ev ~This is alright. One of the only okay Y names really. I think I'm a little weird and like Evette better....No clue why.

    Sorry if I offended you in any of this, I tend to get weird as I get tired. Started strong though xD Almost gave up but wanted to finish for you.
    Hope this helped!
    Best wishes.

    PS, it seems like a lot of your names are movie and/or actress inspired. Haha, cute!
    My princess [11/24/09], my little man [4/25/10], my munchkin [2/13/12], and my boys [12/3/13]

    Who are you to judge the life I live? I’m not perfect and I don’t live to be. But, before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean. ~ Bob Marley

    ~Pertussis (whooping cough) can be a fatal disease, especially in infants~
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    It's nearly impossible to respond to this properly on a phone, so even tho most of my posts are positive, I'm just going to point out a few things I see as negatives. You have a ton of beautiful names! But...

    Stevia is a plant derived sweetener used as a sugar substitute. It's pretty popular where I am, I wouldn't use it for a name.

    Spelling Hazel with a y cheapens it for me, makes it look a inauthentic and a bit trashy. That said, I love the name Hazel spelled this way. Not a fan if Hazyn either.

    Why add an n to McKinley? Adding letters to a known name does nothing to enhance the name. Not my favorite for a girl either way.

    Finally, I see Emily and Emma as different names, so I don't get using one as a nn for the other. Same with Elowen and Wren.

    I only got thru the A's with ones I love, but Althea nn Thea, Araminta, Aurora nn Rory, and Auden are keepers IMO!
    Esme Cordelia | Etta Rosemary | Fiona Elspeth | Matilda Hazel | Phoebe Kerensa | Rosalie Fern | Thea Marigold | Zara Madeleine
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    My favourites:

    Auden (a spin of Audrey after Audrey Hepburn, and my favorite season, Autumn)
    Beatrice/Bettrys nn Bea
    Francesca nn Frankie (I also like Cheska as a nn)
    Ingrid nn Indie or Isa
    Juniper nn Juno
    Willa nn Willow
    Just a curious Britberry.

    Favourite Combos
    Eliza Margot/Astrid Ysanne/Lyra Estelle
    Sidney Walter/Reuben Anthony/Arthur Daniel

    Other Favourites
    Louisa, Cora, Arietta, Hestia, Arabella, Wallis, Demelza
    Rafferty, Jasper, Killian, Lachlan, Maxwell, Joshua, Malachy

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    I like these ones:
    Althea nn Thea (there's a place called Altea near where I used to live, and it was a lovely town, this conjures up really pretty imagery)
    Beatrice/Bettrys nn Bea
    Cordelia (both nns render the name unappealing, but I love Cordelia)
    Fiona nn Fig
    Francesca (Frankie ruins it for me, though)
    Lilac nn Lila
    Millicent nn Lily/Lilli
    Ottoline nn Lottie

    With my absolutely favourites being:
    Name aficionada, traveller, teacher, wonderfully enamoured
    Sela Beatrix, Adelaide Flora, Vivian Lilac, Orchid Minerva, Audrey Cordelia
    Opal, Zinnia, Sefora, Leire, Nuria, Freya

    Bastian Liher, Gideon Felix, Fletcher Atlas, Ephraim Grey, Joscelin Amos
    Eneko, Ekhi, Bruno, Oriol, Earnest, Ivor

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