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Thread: Twins!

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    What do you think to Sienna Selwyn and Juniper Rue?

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    My favorite top 3 combinations are:
    - Elodie Lilith and Lila Juniper
    - Cora Willow and Lila Elowen
    - Isadora Wren and Lila Rue
    Good luck!
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    Sorry if this had already been mentioned, but if you like Rowen but want a more feminine version, the spelling Rowan is more feminine. I also have a friend named Rowena nn Rowen.
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    Cora, Lavinia, Juniper, Willow, Sienna, Arabella, Jemima, Lilith, Pippa, Wren, Elowen, Luna, Serena, Agatha, Isadora, Lila, Elodie, Elena, Seren, Laurel, Rue and Clover.

    I love Sophie/Sofie! What about Madeleine, Tess, Rose/Rosie, Stella, Sadie, Sasha, Lily, Nina, Alice, Isla, or Daphne? Here are my opinions on your list:

    Cora - love this! Such a classic and beautiful name!
    Lavinia - Eh. Could be cute with the nickname Nia, but not really my style, to frilly.
    Juniper - I love the nn June, but Juniper is too nature spirited for me.
    Willow - same as with Juniper
    Sienna - Too trendy for me
    Arabella - Also to frilly, I picture a ballerina/princess, but the nns Belle, Bella, Ella, and Ellie are so cute!
    Jemima - My immediate association is Aunt Jemima's Pancakes
    Lilith - so cute! I love the nickname Lili!
    Pippa - Cute! It is too much of a nn for me though, maybe with a full name like Philippa?
    Wren - Love! It is on my guilty pleasure list, I would never be brave enough to use it because of the bird and all, but I love this name!
    Elowen - Nice, love the nn Ellie, but not my favorite El- name. I prefer Eleanor
    Luna - I love!
    Serena - Eh.
    Agatha - Prefer Agnes, and the nn Aggie is not to my taste.
    Isadora - I prefer Isabel, because I don't like the nn Dora.
    Lila - Really cute! Do you pronounce it Lie - luh or Lil - uh?
    Elodie - Love this much more than Elowen. I also love Eloise.
    Seren - eh.
    Laurel - Same as with Juniper and Willow.
    Rue - So cute! I would use it as a nn with a full name like Rowena (which could also be your solution to the Rowen boys association issue). Also, there is a strong Hunger Games association.
    Clover - Same nature issue for me.

    Overall, I love Cora, Lilith, Pippa, Wren, Lila, Elodie, and Rue. Here are some combos:

    Cora Lilith
    Elodie Wren
    Pippa Rue
    Erin * Eleanor "Ellie" * Caroline * Catherine * Mary * Grace * Anna * Sophie * Madeleine * Margaret "Maisie" *

    James * Thomas * Henry * Paul * John * Patrick *

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