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    Help, please? Middle name for Elyse

    Hi, ladies! Just discovered the forums here. Hubs and I are struggling to find a middle name that flows well with the first name, Elyse (this baby will be named after her sister, who died last year 8 hours after her birth).

    Names I like:


    I've been browsing name possibilities for months and I can't seem to find one that both a) flows well with Elyse and b) my husband likes as well!

    Any suggestions? Thanks for any help you can give! :razz:

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    click on the link to access my big combo list:
    Big combo list

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    Quote Originally Posted by sorceress View Post
    Elyse Cordelia
    Elyse Mariella
    Elyse Dulcinea
    Elyse Seraphina
    Elyse Azalea
    Elyse Marigold
    Very cute suggestions! Thank you!

    Any other suggestions? Something "soft sounding" (if that makes sense) is what I'm struggling with..

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    Sorry for any random spellings. I'm probably on my nook!

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    Quote Originally Posted by marinadancel17 View Post
    Those are adorable!!

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