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    Jessicat, thanks so much for taking the time to brainstorm! I've let go of the Irish requirement because I found it so difficult (many names already on our families). I like Ashlynn but wonder if it says Irish to most, or if it says "made up?" I also like Finley but it was just used for a cousins baby. Taryn is one I am really considering.. Again fear it looks like I made it up but I love old fashioned Tara and he vetoed it- maybe this could be a compromise...

    Again thanks SO much

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    Sidney sounds nice with Brenna and Mason. And I don't think the Scream association would be a problem. I wouldn't have noticed it if you hadn't of pointed it out.


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    There was a local news anchor named Taryn Asher, I'm not sure if she is still reporting. I liked her personality so I've held a soft spot for the name Taryn.
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    To me, Sidney is a male name, whereas Sydney is a female name, so if you're going to use it as a FN, I feel that Sydney would ve a better option (:
    If you like classic names, how about putting something a bit more timeless as a first name l, and use Sidney as a middle name?
    For example:
    Eleanor Sidney (I LOVE this combination!!)
    Katherine Sidney
    Amelia Sidney
    Isabel Sidney

    I hope these help! Good luck!!

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    If you use it, please use the Sydney spelling. It's more accepted as the feminine spelling and Sidney is known to be used mostly on boys. If I saw a young Sidney, I would assume it was a boy thanks to the Pittsburgh Penguins player Sidney Crosby.
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