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    I could get it down to my top 6 for you - Alexander, Henry, Lucas, Frederick, Maxwell, and Jonathan. Frederick being my favorite.
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    I didn't choose...

    Frederick/Patrick - because Isaac ends in a similar sound
    Jonathan/Robin - ends in "n" like Sebastian
    Arthur - too similar in sound to Oliver
    Alexander - same initial as Adelaide and ending as Oliver
    Casper - matchy ending with Oliver
    All the best,

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashthedreamer View Post
    Really loving Henry and Casper! Although I prefer the Caspar spelling, or even the Kaspar/Kasper ones (something about Casper just doesn't sit right with me, for some reason...) To round out the five, I would add Felix, Frederick (Freddie's adorable. I'm just the opposite--I'd go for Frederick just to get to Freddie; plus, my beloved Jane Austen connection with Persuasion!), and Patrick, I think. Although I could be convinced for Alexander; I do like that a lot, as well, and I love his nicknames.

    Now I'm insanely jealous--what does your girls' list look like? I remember you had tossed around Emmeline a while ago, and I still really loved that with your other ones.
    We still like Emmeline, but we are not going to use it as a first name. Maybe as a middle. Our girls list looks like this: Louisa Josephine Amelia Alice Beatrice Katherine Vivienne. And possibly Cordelia as well.
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    Patrick Knight is nice

    and so is Frederick and Felix.

    Casper sounds funny with Knight and Arthur Knight (Arthur my fave name on your list) sounds - alas - silly with Knight.

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