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Thread: Baby Name Quiz

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    Baby Name Quiz

    Quiz Name Game:

    Girl #1
    FN: Nickname Name
    Favorite Color:
    Red: Winnie
    Orange: Prue
    Yellow: Posey
    Green: Livvy
    Blue: Betsey
    Violet: Alex
    Pink: Mickie
    Other: Scottie

    MN: (good girl names)
    Favorite TV Show:
    Shameless : Abigail
    The Fosters: Charlotte
    The Walking Dead : Rose
    Orange is the New Black: Faith
    The Big Bang Theory: Patience
    Sherlock: Grace
    Game of Thrones: Ruth
    Other: Hope

    Girl #2
    FN ( British names)
    Dream Vacation:
    Italy: Imogen
    France: Arabella
    Japan : Freya
    Ireland : Eugenie
    England: Isla
    The Caribbean : Eilidh
    NYC : Cerys
    Other: Matilda

    MN: (unisex names)
    Favorite Soda:
    Pepsi: Mason
    Coke: Spencer
    Sprite: Sawyer
    Mountain Dew: Riley
    Dr Pepper: Rory
    Orange: Lyle
    Other: James
    None: Elliot

    Boy #1
    FN: ends in a or ah
    Favorite ice cream: Luca
    Chocolate: Ezra
    Vanilla: Asa
    Strawberry: Noah
    Cookie dough: Micah
    Coffee: Judah
    Mint Chocolate Chip: Ira
    Rocky Road: Josiah
    Other: Joshua

    MN: (ancient names):
    Favorite food:
    Cookies: Caius
    Cakes: Lucius
    Burgers : Justus
    Spaghetti/ pasta : Felix
    Fruits : Theon
    Veggies : Marcus
    Sushi: Thor
    Other: Urban

    Boy # 2
    FN: (my favorites)
    favorite music
    Pop: Kurtis
    Country: Mitchell
    Rock: Noel
    Punk: Jack
    Rap: Liam
    Indie: Brian
    Classical: Adrian
    Other: Henry

    MN: (glee names)
    Favorite school subject
    Math : Arthur
    History: Blaine
    English : Devon (lol Blaine's MN)
    Government: Michael
    Civics: Finn
    Gym : Ryder
    Music: William
    Other: Rory

    My Results:
    DD1: Mickie Abigail
    DD2: Cerys James
    DS1: Judah Felix
    DS2: Noel Rory
    Aria Windsor, Braeden Elizabeth, Cambria August

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    Girl #1: Livvy Hope
    Girl #2: Matilda Elliot
    Boy #1: Joshua Urban
    Boy #2: Henry Rory

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