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    Summer - Summer is very pretty. This is a name that seems to fit with your beach and sporty lifestyle.

    Lilah - Lilah is pretty and I can see it on a child and an adult. I do not partially like the lie part.

    Asia - Personally for me Asia is just okay.

    India - Same as Asia. I have not been able to get into names that are so heavily tied to a place. A name like Austin I have heard on enough people that I have enough of an association that it is more than just a city. Asia and India are THE countries, personally for me. Indiana is a state. Virginia is a name and also a state.

    Lake - I think Lake is a wonderful choice for your lifestyle. I picture a beautiful girl/woman that is physically fit and enjoys outdoor activities.

    Lexi- Lexi is nice. I can picture Lexi on both a girl and an adult.

    Sam - Sam is a nickname to me.

    Noa - I really like Noa. Again I picture a beautiful woman that enjoys outdoor activities. I have been considering Noa but a bit concerned of people thinking it is a misspelling of Noah.

    Mila - Not sure of my feelings on Mila.
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    I like Lilah (but spelled Lila) and Mila. That people I know with last name Galloway have a daughter named Cian Belle.

    Maybe you'd like:

    Lyra -- lie-rah
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    Summer Galloway- LOVE THIS! Another berry suggested Sutton, Skye, and Harper, and I think they are awesome.

    Suggestions of my own-
    Leighton Galloway- unisex, top of my own list
    Piper Galloway
    Reese Galloway
    Leah Galloway- love it with your surname
    Eva Galloway- see Leah
    Riley Galloway- unisex, very cute
    Paige Galloway
    Brye Galloway
    Skylar Galloway
    Charlotte "Charlie" Galloway
    Lexington Galloway- You could use Lexi, and its unisex
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    I love Mila and Summer for your daughter. I know a $ummer D@wn and I think it's such a pretty name!
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    My favorites are Lila and Mila, but from your description of your family as young and sporty, I think Summer, Lexi, and Noa would be good choices. Would you consider Alexandra nn Lexi?

    A couple ideas inspired by Lila and Mila: Mira, Mara, Leda, Lena, Kira, Nora/Norah, Nina, Nola...
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