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    Your "almost name"

    So I have always been interested in what myself and other people would be called, had their parents not decided on their current name, and I think it'd be really interesting to hear some of your guys' "almost names"
    (I'm aware there's probably already a thread like this somewhere, but I wasn't too sure where to look for one!)

    I had a lot of almost names before my parents decided on Chelsea Rose.

    Isobel (grandfather's mother - my mum's grandma), Estelle, Georgia, Lily, Grace and Amy for girls, but the only name my mum had in mind for boys was Jordan.

    If my brother had been a girl, he definitely would have been Georgia Lily, but he's a PJ (Peter John Murray, not that anyone calls him that)

    Out of my "almost names", I really really love Isobel, and if I had to pick a name out of them, it would be that.
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    I'd have been either Dagmar, Hanneloa/Hannelore, Hannah or Vibe.
    I like them all, just not Vibe, as it's not international and when in Denmark it's a bird, it's not in English.
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    I'm not sure about my name, but I was eleven when my sister was born- her name is Charlotte Louise- runners up were: Lydia, Jemima, Isabelle, Louisa or Jonte if she were a boy!
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    I'm an Isabel Seraphina, and although I like my name, I'd honestly prefer it spelt Isobel. I love Seraphina, and I know that was one of my possible names along with Lucy, Iris, June and Georgina.
    Personally I think Isabel was the best choice, although there's always that little feeling when I wish I was Seraphina Lucy (my second name choice).

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    I was going to be a Heidi, but they went with Erica. I like them both, but feel Erica suits me more. Brother was going to be a Matthew and turned into a Christopher.
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