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    How often is your name misspelled?

    Just a little fun and to make sure I'm not the only one who is constantly having to correct people on how to spell my name. I even have people tell me I misspelled my own name and will hand me forms back for corrections like I don't know how my own name is spelled Some days I wish my mom would have just stuck with Chelsea others I am glad she went with Chelsy, but it's a pain sometimes. I was one of those kids who would always want the personalized key chain when you went to the souvenir shops on a family vacation and alas my name was never there. Very sad for an 11 year old with a need for a personalized coffee mug.
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    Almost all the time, from the time I was a child, believe it or not. Addie just seems to be a really "foreign" concept for some people, especially as I was growing up in the 90s. It has been misspelled and misspronounced more times than I can count. And I don't get it, because to me, it's a pretty simple, easy name. I still love it, though.
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    quite a lot, which is so baffling to me! Hayley. its really not hard! but i get Haley/Hayly/haile/hayleigh/harley/hallie etc. my christmas cards from school friends as a kid were shocking, my mum would get so annoyed!

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    I sometimes get Mollie but most people spell it Molly. I do think Mollie looks wrong and I don't get why people want to spell it that was but maybe that's because I've always been Molly. I have a friend called Kittie and when I first met her I always wrote Kitty because it came more naturally to me to write it as such, I now write Kittie but I do spell it with a Y the rest of the time.
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    My full name is never misspelled (although I have seen other spellings, mine is the standard and, I would argue, correct version). But the shortened version that I go by is misspelled all the bloody time. I use what I think is the most intuitive spelling, since I simply take the ending off my name and use the beginning part, but I get 5 different incorrect variations. The thing is, I've never known anybody with my name who didn't use the exact same short version with the exact same spelling, and I think it's definitely the most common version in the UK. But not in the USA I don't think.

    It most annoys me when people confuse my name for a large church... Like anyone's gonna spell it like that.

    Edit: Wait, make that 6 incorrect versions. Sigh.
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