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  • Warren

    4 6.35%
  • Jasper

    19 30.16%
  • Grady

    5 7.94%
  • August

    25 39.68%
  • Nevin

    0 0%
  • Elijah

    10 15.87%
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    Poll - Which name(s) do you prefer?

    Hey Berries! Out of the names listed below which ones do you like/dislike and why?

    Warren (a personal favorite)
    Grady (will it age well?)
    August (will it age well?)
    Nevin (a family name)

    Thanks for your input!

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    I like all your names except Nevin. I would use Nevin as a middle name because it's a family name.

    I know a young man called Grady and it's perfect for him. I see no reason why it won't age well.

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    I agree that Nevin would be a good MN. I love Elijah and Jasper, and I think Grady and August would age fine. Warren makes me think of middle-aged balding white guys though, sorry.
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    August is my favorite from your list. I think it will age well. My next picks would be Elijah and Warren. Nevin sounds like "never" and not-quite Kevin or Neville, so I wouldn't recommend it as a first name, but it would be lovely as a middle.

    Warren and Nevin are really quite similar. When I notice two names on a list that share the same kind of structure and sound, I tend to wonder if that's a giveaway to the true favorite name. Good luck deciding!
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    My favorites are Elijah, Warren, and Jasper (in that order). But, I vote for Warren, because I really want to see this name come back!

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