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    Question Nameberry and how it has affected your name choices?

    So this is a slightly lengthy post concerning name choices and the effect that the forums have had on your name choices. Prior to joining this community I was a total name nerd, but without the people who shared an interest to bounce name ideas around with. Any time I was looking for name feedback I got the same suggestions of the same boring names that were the common names to use over and over and over. Anything out of the ordinary (which is where I live) was given the disapproving look and mocked. So needless to say this community has been really wonderful!

    It's filled with a diverse group of name nerds who are (in my experience so far) respectful and have the ability to actually explain what they like/dislike about a certain name and know a lot of name information about a wide variety of names. My number one name for a boy since I was a kid has been Fox. I've loved a variety of other more common names (Shane, Adrian, Asher and on and on and one) but Fox has always had my heart and my husband is totally on board with it. So after a year of picking and thinking and researching we decided on our future sons name (not TTC for another year, so if that one or any following are a boy) will be Fox Thomas (Thomas after my husband, it's his middle). A huge hang up for me has been the looks and remarks I know I'll get from our family (mostly my dad and his mom) concerning our name choice. I'm completely prepared to defend the name when it comes to it as it feels right for us. The thought did make me reconsider for a short amount of time hiding Fox in a middle spot to "get away with it" without the need to defend myself as not many people question middles compared to firsts.

    After sharing this name choice and feeling nervous as to feed back because I know Fox isn't everyone's cup of tea and it is so close to my heart, I was so thrilled to get positive feedback from people who actually liked my name choice! This really gave me the courage to solidify this name, no matter what snarky remarks I will get from any friends or family. Obviously some people dislike my name choice, but it was so thrilling to not feel like the only person on the planet who liked the name.

    tl;dr So my question is, has anyone had a similar experience where you were nervous about a name and this community really helped give you the courage to stick by your choice, despite it not being your friends/family/peers favorite name? Or has anyone had the opposite experience where the forums caused you to reconsider the name? Was this a good or bad thing for you? Also, if you've had any experiences like this, what were the names that you got feedback on?
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    Not really. I've always loved my names, but asking other name nerds, their opinion really helped me choose them for sure.

    And as soon as I read Fox Thomas, I knew it was you. :P
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    By the way, I love the name Fox!

    I had the opposite experience. I loved the name Gatsby for a boy, I knew it was different, but I like a little different. I asked for suggestions for middle names and instead got a bunch of posts about how people don't like Gatsby. I was bummed for a few weeks, but it's still our favorite boy name.

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    My choices become bolder when I joined nameberry. My name style totally changed. And I definitely have experience when nameberry encourage me to use a name and where it discurage me not to use a name.
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    I actually got the good advice from forums like these to NOT share our name and that was probably the best advice I have gotten. I shared it on forums and the name was pretty well received and once he was born I didn't care what anyone else thought. I only had one comment from my grandma who said "well it isn't what I would have chosen," but I could live with that

    My style has definitely evolved, though. I'm open to more "daring" names and even appreciate when people I know have kids with "different" names, even if I don't personally like them. Fox Thomas is a cool name, by the way. I like it. Once there's a baby attached to it, people will get used to it
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