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    My name was supposed to be Jana until the day I was born. Then, when my mother saw me (thus goes the legend) she exclaimed "That's no Jana, that's a Charlotte!". Not sure how true this story is, but I'm glad the decision went as it did.
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    I would've been Adam if I was a boy. Ended up as Tressa.
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    Ariadne - I was gutted when I found out as I was given a ugly 'unisex' name that is not feminine or remotely interesting and have spent my whole life correcting people who try to make the spelling more girly or call me Mr.
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    My mum considered Chloe and Grace before deciding on Jessica. She was convinced I was a going to be a girl (she never found out on ultrasound, she just knew, same with my brother before me) and she didn't think of a boys name. Once she thought of Jessica though, she never considered anything else.
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    IIRC, my mum started out loving Agathe - pronounced in French (ah-GAHT), but loathed the Danish pronunciation of it. Then it was between Robin and Selma. Robin was the top contender because she knew that my middle name was going to be Elvira, which was my great-grandmother's middle name, and Selma was that very great-grandmother's mother. The European Robin is my mum's favourite bird and therefore the love for the name. Then somehow she found Zelia and that became it. My second middle was going to be Marcelle, but I ended up with a family surname instead.

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    I'd have been either Dagmar, Hanneloa/Hannelore, Hannah or Vibe.
    I like them all, just not Vibe, as it's not international and when in Denmark it's a bird, it's not in English.
    Your parents have a neat taste in names I love Dagmar and Vibe (I would have loved to be a Dagmar myself, but *sigh* my mum isn't particularly fond of that name - Vibe is more her style, but her former stepmother is named Vibeke and her current stepmother is called Vita, so I guess that was out of the picture from the get go).
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