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    Lightbulb Beauteous Beverly?

    Is she or isn't she?
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    I'm actually extremely surprised that Beverly hasn't caught on yet. It's perfectly on trend and has a strong association with celebrities and glamor because of Beverly Hills. It's not my style though.
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    Beverly is really lovely! I have met a couple old Bevs, but they were very sweet. It's not really my style, but I can definitely see a little Beverly running around. She would fit in too, with all the Everly's and Avery's.

    PS - I do remember Nancy from Little House on the Prairie! I clicked as I was watching it last night. Oh yes, she wasn't the nicest!
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    She isn't.

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    That's definitely a no from me. Beverly feels very trashy to me even with the association of Beverly Crusher. Not a fan in the least.
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