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    I am in love with odd names and I am not getting any positive feedback

    Hello ! I am due on the 20th and am going into crisis mode over names. I am having a little girl. I have been told by friends and relations that I have odd taste, to put things nicely.. which has unfortunately perpetuated my confusion as no one in my inner circle has had any name suggestions along my lines of taste or any positive feedback for that matter.

    So far my favorite first names include Tallulah, Maybelline, and Zelmarine.
    I love Tallulah Violet as a name combo. Zelmarine Lorelai. Maybelline Zhanna.
    I also like the name Delilah which is a nice non southern sounding alternative, but I feel like Tallulah is its spunky, sweet, mountain town name sister. lol

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE any feedback you all might have. I realize the name Maybelline has a strong association to the makeup company, does that association cause an automatic distaste for the name? Are any of them just too weird? Does anyone have ANY other suggestions along these lines?


    Thank you !

    Thank you so

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    Thank you so much


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    I actually don't think Tallulah Violet would be that odd.
    Zelmarine Lorelai doesn't seem to catch my interest. The flow is a little off but I think it's mainly Zelmarine.
    Maybelline does have that association however, if you really like it, I'd say go for it. Though, I wouldn't recommend Zhanna as the middle name for it.
    Delilah is cute. But I honestly think you'd be better off with Tallulah Violet if that's your favorite.
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    Tallulah Violet seems like the most solid combination you've got. It's pronounceable and recognizable, but quirky.

    Maybelline is only makeup to me---have you considered Mabel? Mabel Zhanna would be quite pretty.

    Also, Zelmarine sounds like a gemstone, but not one I've heard of. Where did you come across this name?

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    i like odd names but not as different as you have picked, i like sienna-skye, i love pebbles for a girl, dolce is very pretty i think, i have 2 girls 1 called sheree and other called maggi-mai but they weren't the names i had for them through pregnancy i think until you see her face she could look like a totally different name than you had planned x

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