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    Doctor Who fans: Has everyone seen the mini episode with Eight that explains John Hurt's Doctor?
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    Well, I do love ladies as well!

    As I mentioned, Kate from Lost and Kara Thrace from BSG.

    Inara Serra from Firefly - so glamorous and awesome!

    I hated Kennedy on BtVS the first watch-through, but now I adore her, and I also loved Tara (Joss, you bastard)

    Liz Parker on Roswell (and actually, Shiri Appleby in general)
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    Quote Originally Posted by southern.maple View Post
    Doctor Who fans: Has everyone seen the mini episode with Eight that explains John Hurt's Doctor?
    Yes. My thoughts:

    Moff should have just used Eight, Ten and Eleven as his main cast. Simple, yes, but it would have been so marvellous to watch! A very nice way to include lots of Doctors in a show that is meant to be a celebration of fifty years of Doctor Who. But instead we get another mess of questions about impossibility, too many unanswered/useless plots and zany explanations about how John Hurt is actually out of the Doctor numbering system because he's the War Doctor or something equally bananas x_x

    I fear Moff has forgotten that each episode doesn't have to have more explosions than the last...

    Basically, it doesn't need to be the over complicated car crash of character assassinations that it's going to be. For example, he's going to make Ten - my very favourite doctor ever - act in ways contrary to the way RTD constructed him all because - and Moff's openly stated this - he doesn't like Rose. He's going to mess with canon because he personally doesn't like a character and that's just cruel and unnecessary.*

    : (

    I just... At the moment, I have so much rage over the destruction of a show I used to love that it's been making me feel ill. The last episode I remember liking was the 'Impossible Astronaut'.

    *Going by comments made by an actress in the 50th special about her role with Ten. I hope so, so hard that it's all a ruse or it'll turn out to be a joke or something.
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    Aira Rose ___, Eleni Fiorella Charlotte, Sylvia Sayuri Noor,
    Merit Eleanora Adelaide, Clover Elodie Seraphine, Bridie Scarlett Viola,
    Marguerite Cecilia Iris, Eilidh Clara Valentine.

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    I kind of had a thing for Alistair in the Dragon Age games. I even replayed the game for a 3rd time with a character who could marry him (not all character races/classes could). This is not something I admit to many people who know me IRL.

    ETA: But from all the Dragon Age fan fiction I've looked at, I know I'm not alone in this.
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    I forgot Doctor Who! From the 2005 Doctor (Chris). He's my favorite!

    Fey you made me bust out laughing when you said you're Thor. That's me as well. I hate whine and I'm not talking calmly :P I'm tossing back mead and going "I love these guys so freakin much!!" And in the mythology golden haired Sif was married to Thor so Marvel screwed that over >.<

    Someone mentioned Deadpool earlier and I'm going to agree with that :P And Nightcrawler and Mistique and Wolverine :P

    If I'm going into anime and the like:

    Sesshoumaru from InuYasha and Naraku.
    Haku from Spirited Away
    Howl from Howl's Moving Castle (and Calcifer :P)

    I has girl crushes too but didn't mention them :P

    Anyone Helena Bonham Carter plays. I'm in love with that woman.
    Willow from Buffy.
    Mononoke from Princess Mononoke
    Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle

    From books I forgot to mention:

    Luna Lovegood >.>
    The Marquis from Neverwhere
    Jean-Claude from the Anita Blake books
    Doyle "Darkness", Frost, and Galen from Laurel K Hamiltons Fairy books
    Kvothe from Name of the Wind

    I fangirl too much >.>
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