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    How Would These Be Accepted?

    Wondering how these names will be accepted/received by others.

    Abilene nn Abi/Lena
    Acacia (ah-kay-see-ah)
    Antoinette nn Etta
    Edeline nn Edie
    Imogene (ihm-mo-geen)
    Octavia nn Ava?
    Primrose nn Posey

    Nickname suggestions are welcome :-)
    Kirsty Emma Jayde Poppy Lauren Grace Ella Marigold Jayne Rosie Charlotte Mae
    Millie Florence Anne Amelie Sophia Rose Daisie Madeleine Eve Honey Elizabeth Kate

    Thomas Aaron Michael Jamie Alexander Rhys Andrew Lachlan James Daniel Patrick Joshua
    Henry Christopher Louis Matthew Edward John Freddie Adam George Charlie Bennett Joel

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    Abilene nn Abi/Lena: nms, I like the nicknames though!
    Acacia (ah-kay-see-ah): I wouldn't use it, but wouldn't think twice if someone else did, it's a pretty name
    Antoinette nn Etta: I think of Marie Antoinette, not sure if I'd use it on a child
    Bedelia: Not a fan
    Bronwen: I've heard it before, nms but cute
    Calanthe: I like this! Callie as a nn?
    Celestine: Not a fan
    Clarinda: ^
    Dorothea: Cute! I knew a Dorothy at the daycare I used to work at, unusual but adorable! nn Thea?
    Drusilla: Sounds evil to me, sorry!
    Edeline nn Edie: I prefer Adeline, but still useable. Edie is darling though
    Imogene (ihm-mo-geen): I prefer Imogen
    Maude: not sure about it on a little girl, but I suppose! I prefer Maeve
    Octavia nn Ava?: Unusual but not in a bad way. I like the nn
    Primrose nn Posey: Love it! Prefer rose as a nn though
    Theodora: This is cute, Thea is a good nn, but it does remind me of Dora the Explorer. Working at a daycare, I LOATHE that show haha.
    Viola: Love it!
    Virginia: nms

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    Drusilla and Octavia are the only ones that I think most people would raise an eyebrow at.

    I know people with most of these names except Acacia pronounces her name Uh kay sh uh, which I prefer.

    I prefer Dorothy over Dorothea.

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    Here are the only issues/concerns that strike me:

    Acacia (ah-kay-see-ah) - I would be concerned about pronunciation issues

    Drusilla - this one strikes me as a little too out there and also…it just makes me picture an unattractive (in every sense of the word) girl who's destined to be an emo/goth type

    Maude - I'm not sure this would be an issue outside the US (because I don't know whether it was shown elsewhere), but Maude was the title and main character of a tv show that was somewhat controversial and that, to a great extent, made its main character a caricature of a limousine liberal

    Viola - just not wild about the idea of naming a child after a musical instrument

    I really like some of your other names and just have to add:

    Antoinette nn Etta - I'd actually like to see Antoinette used more than it is (it's one of the only names ending in "ette" that I actually like). Off with their heads, I say!
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    Where I live all but Virginia would be met with a blank stare or a huh? Some of them I'm not sure how to pronounce. The only one I kind of like is Abilene.
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