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    Leonidas- lion
    Theophilus- Friend of God
    Thaddeus- Gift of God
    Augustus- Great, magnificent
    Marcellus- Young Warrior
    Andreas- Strong and manly
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    @hixtwin4 - Leonardo is taken in our family (and they also have a Maximilian) so I'm not sure about using a Leo name although I do like Leopold. We've had Evander on and off our list but it hasn't quite stuck. Perhaps with the right first or middle name to pair with it? Ambrose is interesting but feels a little soft (like a cross between Amber and Rose, in my head). I do like Edmund, but not sure it "goes" with Maximus or our last name.

    @moonkai - Thanks! Maximus is a great name! I do like Apollo! Hmmm. Aurelius is nice but I can't help but picture a girl from middle school named Aurelia and it is less than pleasant. Otherwise I'd like it more. Leander is one I go back and forth on, the Lean- part just gives me the vibe of the woman's name Leann which I don't find attractive. Hmmm, Nicodemus is big and bold. Hmmm. I have a cousin named Nick (Nicholas) so I wouldn't want another Nick, but Nico is kinda cute. I like Caspian from your sig but haven't been able to get a positive reaction from hubby.

    @Ottilie - I love Alaric but don't like Al or Rick. What to do! I sort of like Casimir, Cyrus (but Miley kills it for me), Ferdinand, Ignatius, and Peregrine. My husband has suggested Melchior before (yeah he's awesome) but I just don't like it that much. I feel like he'd be into Xerxes too because he likes Ramses. I think his taste in names is a lot bolder than mine. He even suggested Pharaoh with total seriousness and that is just too much for me.

    @katieree331 - Hubby likes Leonidas a lot. I fear it is too much with Maximus (the gladiator) to have Spartan Leonidas as a brother. Thoughts? I like Thaddeus a lot but I'm not sure if he likes it. Augustus/August is my number one choice but my hubby can't stand the "guh" sound because it reminds him of the word "disGUSting". I'm very sad over this one and still fighting for it to be a middle name. Marcellus is great, we also like Marius. My husband's brother is named Marcos so we'd have to decide if we want to use it or not. And Vincenzo is nice. We like Vincent. And he's also pushing for Venezio so he can have the nickname Ezio like the character from Assassin's Creed.

    Thanks for the comments! More ideas are appreciated!!
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    What about
    Xavier Balthazar, Spanish variation: Javier Baltazar (Xavier means ''Bright'' and Balthazar means ''Baal protects the King'')
    Damian Leonard, Spanish variation: Damián Leonardo (Damian means ''to tame, subdue'' and Leonard means ''as strong as a lion'')
    Vincent Louis , Spanish variation: Vicente Luis (Vincent means ''Conquering'' and Louis means ''renowned warrior'' )
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    What about Larry for Alaric, or even Ari? Ari means eagle in old Norse, and lion in Hebrew, so that's neat.
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