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    I very much agree with @frustratedauthor.

    I have a friend named E.l.a.n.o.r and her sister is named G.a.l.a.d.r.i.e.l. I didn't know that she was named after a Tolkien character before a couple of months ago when she told me her sister's name (and then the spelling made sense, lol). I was completely blown away by their parents' radness and I think it's such a beautiful and lovely set of names for siblings. I love a lot of literate names and some film names as well (being the cinephile that I am), and I see no problem in it whatsoever.
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    If the character name was made up for the film or novel, then I think it's a bit tacky. But if it's already an established name, then why not?
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    What frustratedauthor and Elja said. I'm planning on using a made-up-by-Tolkien name for my baby.
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    Well your question doesn't make sense, but I assume you're asking whether we like or dislike babies named after characters. I like. Obviously.
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    As long as it isn't Voldemort or Sauron...
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