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    Berry Faces: Now and Then

    I wasn't active during the first photo thread and I think it might have been deleted because I searched and couldn't find it.

    I thought it would be fun to see now and then pictures this time around.

    The most recent photo of me that I actually like. I'll take a new one after getting my eyebrows done and switch this one out.

    If you don't have any 'Then' photos feel free to just post a 'Now' photo!
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    The first is a photo from yesterday. The second is from when I was about twelve. Totally different!
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    Me at five I still have that dog 9 years later her names Brandy:

    Me as a baby with a friend (i'll delete it soon for privacy)

    Me a year ago:

    Me about a month ago:

    Sorry they are so huge
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    Athena, you really do look completely different. I love your hair. It looks so shiny and gorgeous. I'm jealous!

    Ebony, your dog is absolutely gorgeous! I love her markings. What breed is she?
    Dany (Also known as Athena Danielle)
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    ill upload some tomorrow!
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