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    Delightfully Refreshing, or Beyond All Levels of Weird?

    Curious to hear opinions on a few names I'm crushing on.

    Euphemia (you-feem-ee-yah)
    Ffion (fee-on)
    Eulalia (you-lay-lee-ah)

    {Martha. Lucy. Charlotte. Rose. Betsy. Evelyn. Pearl. Violet. Ada. Iris. Maude}
    {Elsie. Florence. Doris. Beatrice. Lillian. Minnie. Mabel. Daisy. Elizabeth. Eleanor.}
    {James. George. Henry. Andrew. Charlie. Daniel. Ernest. Matthew. Patrick. Walter.}
    {John. Christopher. Thomas. William. Winston. Hugo. Lachlan. Jack. Freddie. Albert.}

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    Euphemia an old time disease
    Amaryllis lovely
    Ffen? No
    Arianwen Also no
    Guinevere Refreshing
    Eulalia pretty but bit much
    Maribel Sounds like a So Cal spa
    Lowenna Interesting and new to me
    Constance? Lovely
    Amity Nice

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    Euphemia (you-feem-ee-yah) - A wonderfully lush name of a saint. Effie and Eppie are great nn's too.
    Amaryllis - better in the middle spot
    Ffion (fee-on) - I like this one. I never used to like Fiona either but both have grown on me.
    Arianwen - it's pretty but it has the troublesome "arian/aryan" in front
    Guinevere - this is lovely and I love Genevieve as well
    Eulalia (you-lay-lee-ah) - another wonderful saint's name. I do slightly prefer the French version Eulalie
    Maribel - I prefer Marigold but this is pretty too.
    Lowenna - this is popular in England especially Cornwall. It has a soft sound.
    Constance - an underused gem
    Amity - just makes me think of the film "Amityville Horror"
    All the best,

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    I like some of these names and think they’re fun but some I have some concerns about.

    I particularly enjoy (in no particular order): Guinevere (though not really out there for a berry), Eulalia, & Amaryllis.

    I am a little concerned about: Euphemia (it’s too close to euphemism for me) and Lowenna (mostly because when I say the name there is a lot of emphasis on the LOW sound. which I find undesirable.)
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    I'm also crushing on Ffion. I love that one.
    Arianwen is interesting but it reminds me of Anwen which I like much more.
    I think Constance is ok, Not a big fan of the others.
    I'm definitely not liking Amity though.
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