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    the land of polar bears and igloos.

    Delightfully Refreshing, or Beyond All Levels of Weird?

    Curious to hear opinions on a few names I'm crushing on.

    Euphemia (you-feem-ee-yah)
    Ffion (fee-on)
    Eulalia (you-lay-lee-ah)
    have courage, and be kind.
    Edith, Florence, Sybil, Elsie, Evelyn, Lucy, Matilda, Vera, Poppy
    Violet, Mabel, Minnie, Jane, Marigold, Lily, Cora, Martha, Alice

    George, Atticus, William, Thomas, Henry, Daniel, Ernest, Albert
    Matthew, Charlie, Louis, Hugo, Patrick, Andrew, Lachlan, Winston

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    Euphemia an old time disease
    Amaryllis lovely
    Ffen? No
    Arianwen Also no
    Guinevere Refreshing
    Eulalia pretty but bit much
    Maribel Sounds like a So Cal spa
    Lowenna Interesting and new to me
    Constance? Lovely
    Amity Nice

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    Euphemia (you-feem-ee-yah) - A wonderfully lush name of a saint. Effie and Eppie are great nn's too.
    Amaryllis - better in the middle spot
    Ffion (fee-on) - I like this one. I never used to like Fiona either but both have grown on me.
    Arianwen - it's pretty but it has the troublesome "arian/aryan" in front
    Guinevere - this is lovely and I love Genevieve as well
    Eulalia (you-lay-lee-ah) - another wonderful saint's name. I do slightly prefer the French version Eulalie
    Maribel - I prefer Marigold but this is pretty too.
    Lowenna - this is popular in England especially Cornwall. It has a soft sound.
    Constance - an underused gem
    Amity - just makes me think of the film "Amityville Horror"
    All the best,

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    I like some of these names and think they’re fun but some I have some concerns about.

    I particularly enjoy (in no particular order): Guinevere (though not really out there for a berry), Eulalia, & Amaryllis.

    I am a little concerned about: Euphemia (it’s too close to euphemism for me) and Lowenna (mostly because when I say the name there is a lot of emphasis on the LOW sound. which I find undesirable.)
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    I'm also crushing on Ffion. I love that one.
    Arianwen is interesting but it reminds me of Anwen which I like much more.
    I think Constance is ok, Not a big fan of the others.
    I'm definitely not liking Amity though.
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