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    Bluebell is very sweet and beautiful. Personally I would use Bluebell as a middle name. You could always call her by her middle name but she could have a first name on her birth certificate that could grow better on her.

    Anna Bluebell
    Livia Bluebell
    Grace Bluebell
    Noelle Bluebell
    Nora Bluebell
    Mary Bluebell
    Willa Bluebell
    Stella Bluebell
    Sadie Bluebell
    Eva Bluebell
    Eve Bluebell
    Noa Bluebell
    Eleanor Bluebell
    Emma Bluebell
    Piers Lachlan o Tadhg Emerson o Finley Orion o Graham Everett o Roan August
    Jack Wilder o Henry Birch o Charlie Hawthorne o David Atlas "Dax" o ? ?
    Maebry Eloise o Isla ? o Coralie Winter o Indie Rose Clementine o Avia Juniper
    Isabel Poet o Janie ? o Eloise Maebry o Sophia Wren o ? ?

    Anneline/Anneleine ?
    GP Wilder Thackeray o Story/Fifer Anneliese GP
    ---------- o ---------- ~ o ~ ---------- o ----------

    heart my son

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    What if you named her something that meant blue with the middle name Bell(e) and just called her Bluebell?
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    Violet Elizabeth Laine . Juno Catherine Liv

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    I love Bluebell. It use to hold a spot in my top 5. I love the PP suggestion of Bluebell Lorraine. Some suggestions I like personally, but of course this isn't my child, are:

    Bluebell Beatrice/Beatrix
    Bluebell Lenore/Lenora/Leonora
    Bluebell Eliza
    Bluebell Harriet
    Bluebell Christine
    Bluebell Amelia
    Bluebell Caroline
    Bluebell Ophelia
    Bluebell Odette
    Bluebell Victoria
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    I like Bluebell Lorraine and Bluebell Christine.
    it is a bit out there but Belle is a lovely nickname to have.

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    My first thought was Bluebell Charlotte...and since I just read that someone else suggested it, I am sticking with it! lol

    I can TOTALLY see Bluebell on a grown woman...and if she grows up and totally hates it, she could go with the very common, normal Bella or Belle as a nickname. Nothing wrong with that. If my name was Bluebell though, I would just love it!

    Bluebell Elizabeth
    Bluebell Caroline
    Bluebell Charlotte
    Bluebell Sienna
    Bluebell Maria

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