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    Red face thoughts on my baby name poll names

    Married my bestfriend 5/11/13
    Angel Baby Riley Bean 8/13
    Mama to Murron Lydia Genevieve 10/20/14

    Bow ties & Top hats

    Beck Padrig(Patrick)
    Solomon Jace/Ashley
    Friedan Henri
    Phelan Wallace
    Caedmon Wolfe
    Emerich Frost
    Nashua Hartley

    Bows & Pearls

    Flannery Liora
    Livia Pearl
    Enid Sylvia Inez/ Gertrude
    Florence Adele
    Quinlyn Riley/Ruth
    Junia Edith
    Cleora Josephine Helen

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    Emeric Elias-James - why hyphenate the middle name, it's okay to only use one or no initial in semi-official papers (if that is the reason)
    Keats Oliver - it's kinda spunky, and while not my style it definitely works
    Kason Frost - very trendy, feels like it'd get lost in a sea of Masons
    Chandler Reese - nms, reminds me of Friends
    Porter William - I'd like the combo better if the names switched places but it's usable
    Parker Sage - nms
    Rupert Frost - cool, plus you don't hear Rupert very often, which is great
    Jensen Robert - also nice
    Leonidas Solomon - very heavy and long, something like Leonidas Frost / Sage would be a bit less "clunky"
    Solomon Calvary - same as above
    Bram Charles - cool, however I'd like a longer middle name for 1-syllable Bram
    Emile Robert - very nice!
    Theodore Ellis - love it
    Jefferson Hugh - nms
    Mordecai Joseph - nms but I like the simple middle name as the fn is unusual
    Emerson Kai - nms but I like Kai
    Henri Oliver - very sweet, but he would be "Henri with an i"
    Brighton Quinn - I don't care for the first name, Quinn is cute
    Leland Thomas - nice
    Arlo Keaton - nice
    Hadrian Alexander - nms


    Elora Paige - I feel like there are some letters missing in the fn, I'm not a fan of Paige either
    Alice Clementine - absolutely gorgeous
    Cordelia Aneta - if it's pronounced A-nee-tuh, I like Anita better, the combo is beautiful though
    Avery Juliet - love Juliet(te), Avery is nms
    Sharee Lynetta - don't care for either name
    Leanetta Claire- Leanetta looks made-up, Claire is adorable
    Harper Blythe - nice
    Mara Leanne - nice
    Delaina Albany - nms
    Fern Elizabetta - sweet combo (but I like Elisabetta better)
    Channary Rose - meh
    Livia Eden - sweet
    Ophelia Juniper - LOVE Ophelia, Juniper is not my style but flows well
    Lillian Genevieve - sweet but I prefer Lilia
    Lillia Melrose - would love Lilia Genevieve
    Linley Charlotte - first name is nms, Charlotte is beautiful
    Geneva Ottoline - sweet
    Luella Brianne - nms
    Zoree Helen - nms
    Delora Renee - meh
    Hartley JoAnne - meh
    Susan Margaret - meh
    Jayna Mairi - meh
    Edith Claire - very nice
    Emelie Olive - sounds a bit repetitive
    Alina Lark - okay
    Olivia Inez - nice
    Georgia Kate - nms
    Georgia Wynter - prefer Georgia Kate
    Nora Alive - as in "alive" the word? Nora is very sweet
    Sylvia Beatrice - a bit too serious for me
    Bronte Alise - okay
    Magnolia Pearl - okay
    Bardot Elizabella - meh

    Single names:
    Eliava - how do you pronounce this name
    Macon(B) - reminds me of Bacon but it works
    Indy(B) - reminds me of Indiana Jones
    Avia - sweet
    Ave - Maria or Avenue? Just Kidding, it's nms but works
    Maeryn - no
    Neve - sweet
    Kaya - nms
    Dacia - isn't there a car brand called that?
    Lucia - depends how you pronounce it
    Davina - nms but sweet

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    Emeric Elias-James - I think it works. I'm not a fan of Emeric, though
    Keats Oliver - Nope. Keats sounds like a sound effect
    Kason Frost - I like this. Robert Frost is one of my favorites, so I'll always like the mn Frost
    Chandler Reese - I prefer Rhys, but this combo works well.
    Porter William - Porter is definitely nms. It reminds me of port-a-potty
    Parker Sage - Love. I actually know brothers named Parker and Sage
    Rupert Frost - Rupert is nms, although I do love BTVS so Rupert is a positive association for me lol
    Jensen Robert - I don't like Jensen
    Leonidas Solomon - This reminds me of a badass old black man in a beret who smokes cigars and plays poker.
    Solomon Calvary - Same black man, only he's playing the guitar and drinking whiskey instead of playing poker.
    Bram Charles - I hate Bram
    Emile Robert - I always mistake Emile for Emilie.
    Theodore Ellis _ Theodore is such a sweet name, but it always feels very dated to me
    Jefferson Hugh - I don't like either
    Mordecai Joseph - Mordecai just sounds like a mortician.
    Emerson Kai - Love.
    Henri Oliver - On-ree? I very much favor Henry.
    Brighton Quinn - I would probably associate this with a girl, tbh
    Leland Thomas - Like
    Arlo Keaton - VERY negative association with the name Arlo.
    Hadrian Alexander - I kin dof like it. But at the same time it's just Adrian with an H.


    Elora Paige - I don't like the name Paige at all. But this combo is nice.
    Alice Clementine - Hate Clementine. I think it's such an ugly phlem
    Cordelia Aneta - Just meh
    Avery Juliet _ I really like this one
    Sharee Lynetta - Don't like it. If it's pronounced the way I think, I prefer Cherie to Sharee
    Leanetta Claire - Nope
    Harper Blythe - Not a fan of Harper. It's a really common surname in my area.
    Mara Leanne - I like this one.
    Delaina Albany - Surprisingly sweet. I usually don't like "Del" names, but this combo is nice
    Fern Elizabetta - Hate Fern. Ick
    Channary Rose - I wouldn't even know how to pronounce Channary. It kind of sounds like a sneeze
    Livia Eden - LOVE this one
    Ophelia Juniper - Love this too!
    Lillian Genevieve - x3
    Lillia Melrose - I hate Melrose Ave, so I would never like that as a name. Lilia is amazing, though
    Linley Charlotte - Back to LOVE
    Geneva Ottoline - I kind of like it because it's got a really modern old lady feel to it, but something about Geneva is
    Luella Brianne - Hate Luella
    Zoree Helen - I don't think Zoree is a name
    Delora Renee - Nah
    Hartley JoAnne - Nope
    Susan Margaret - Nope
    Jayna Mairi - I like Jayda more than Jayna
    Edith Claire - Don't like's too old lady
    Emelie Olive - Love Emelie, hate Olive. Emelie Olivia is nice, though.
    Alina Lark - Like
    Olivia Inez - Inez is fascinating. I like this one
    Georgia Kate - Don't like either
    Georgia Wynter - Nope
    Nora Alive - Alive? That sounds odd to me
    Sylvia Beatrice - Another old lady name. I think SylviE would give it a more modern feel
    Bronte Alise - I hate hate hate B names on girls, but this does have a certain spark to it...
    Magnolia Pearl - Nope
    Bardot Elizabella - I hate the name Elizabella. Pick Elizabeth or Isabella, I don't like them mashed. Bardot is interesting, though!

    Single names:
    Eliava - Adorable. It's on my list
    Macon(B) - Character from How To Deal. I love it
    Indy(B) - It makes me think of Indianapolis Colts...not a fan
    Avia - So sweet
    Ave - Definitely reminds me of Ave Maria, but I think it's beautiful
    Maeryn - Mae-rhine? Mehr-in? May-rinn? I don't like it
    Neve - Negative association for me (Neve Campbell = Scream movies)
    Kaya - I prefer Caia
    Dacia - Negative association. The only Dacia I know is horrible
    Lucia - Pretty
    Davina - I don't like it. I don't like the name David, either, though

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    Wow, that's quite a list!

    My favourites:
    Emeric Elias-James - although I would drop the hyphen, two middles is perfectly fine
    Keats Oliver
    Chandler Reese
    Porter William
    Rupert Frost
    Solomon Calvary - very interesting combo!
    Bram Charles
    Emile Robert
    Theodore Ellis
    Mordecai Joseph
    Henri Oliver - love Henri (ohn-ree)! maybe Henry Oliver or Henri Olivier might fit better tho
    Hadrian Alexander

    Alice Clementine
    Cordelia Aneta - maybe Annette or Anita instead?
    Harper Blythe
    Fern Elizabetta - Elizabetta? Gorgeous!
    Livia Eden
    Ophelia Juniper
    Lillian Genevieve
    Geneva Ottoline
    Susan Margaret
    Edith Claire
    Emelie Olive - Emilie, Amelie or Emily, Emelie just seems jumbled
    Olivia Inez
    Georgia Kate
    Nora Alive - Alive?? Olive maybe? or Alivia? Alive is a tad bizarre for a name, imo
    Sylvia Beatrice - Beautiful!
    Bronte Alise
    Magnolia Pearl - ditto
    Bardot Elizabella

    Macon(B) - I want to love this but it just always makes me think of bacon
    Indy(B) - as a nn for Indio, Indigo, Indiana
    Avia - Aria and Ava are lovely?
    Neve - spelt the Irish Niamh, yes!
    Kaya - prefer spelt Kaia

    Overall I would say I can definitely see these on real people! Lots of the combos are beautiful, you have a lovely list
    under construction

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