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    Indie and Folk Music Names

    I am compiling names for a list for my new blog debuting next week (the blog is mostly naturey names, but I also plan on writing special features). The list is of indie and folk/folk rock music names and I am looking for names that remind you of these music genres. When I listen to or think of this type of music, I envision a cool breeze blowing the tall grass and wildflowers of the prairie beneath a cloudless blue sky. I imagine young lovers together in the sunset, feeling like they are the only two people alive as they stand at the edge of the earth. I am looking for both boy's and girl's names, so anything you can give me, I would deeply appreciate.
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    Hmm I can give this a shot although it might not be too great haha

    Girls- Lucy, June, Harlow, Willow, Harper, Stella

    Boys- Ezra, Johnny, Rhett, Jack, Holden, Ari, Asa, Stellan, Josiah...

    Boys were super hard to think of. I just picked a mix of nature-y names along with just all American names and a few "hipster"? names maybe? For boys I also threw in some softer sounding names.

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    I'll give you the names of some folk music artists (or cross-genre artists that have done some folk music), if that helps:

    Loreena (McKennitt)
    Orla (Fallon)
    Méav (Ní Mhaolchatha)
    Máiréad (Nesbitt)
    Vesselina (Kasarova- she's done a great Bulgarian folk album)
    Mirusia (Louwerse) (mee-roo-chee-ah)
    Marlene (Dietrich) (mar-lay-nah)
    Mireille (Mathieu)

    Denver (John Denver)
    McDermott (John McDermott)
    Helmut (Lotti)
    Karel (Gott)

    Mitchell (Joni Mitchell- personally I think this name should be unisex, though my friends think it's all boy)
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    Rainy Pacific Northwest

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    Add Norah onto the girls list too!

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