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    Bookish and Vintage girls

    I am so picky when it comes to names. I will love one name for a month then stop liking it all together. I don't know how I will ever commit to a name. When it comes to boy names I have a good list that I love. I know that I would be happy using any of them.
    This is the boy list:


    I have this idea that my daughter will be bookish and spunky. I want her to have a fun name that is uncommon. I would love it to have a spunky nickname with it. I used to love the name Louise and I loved that it has the nickname Lou. A name that I am loving right now is Esme. I don't know if it as the right feel, but I think it has a little bit of elegance and a little bit of spunkiness.

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    Damaris, means "lover of the earth" -derived from demeter and demetria--You could also consider Demetrius or Dimitri for a boy.
    Damaris, I have also seen spelled as Demaris, dehm-air-yss or Demarys. Demi, mary, aries, emme-many cool nn options

    Dominique -mini, miqi(micki), niqi/nikki, etc

    Alexandria has many cool nn's like Xandria, Xandra, Zandie, Zandra, Zandria, Zandry, andi, landry or landria

    Josefina -fiona, josie, joey, joe, jo-jo, owin(oin)/owen, gi-gi, etc

    Meredith- mare, marie, mary, reed(read)*bookish enough? -didi, dee, ruth?

    January- janie, aries, jay

    Melanie -mel, mia, melani(meh-lawn-ee), lanie, lee, mannie, mimi, ella, ellie, etc

    Melody, Harmony, Beverley/Beverly, Emberly, Gwyneth or Gwenyth.

    above nn options: mel, elody, ella or ellie, lottie, harp, honey, toni, bev, ever, everly, vivi, emme, emmie, ember, bree, merry, berry, gwyn or gwen, nette, netta, nettie, ettie, gynnie, wynnie, wendy(gwendolyn)

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    Ones from my list that I see as "bookish and vintage":

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    Bookish and Spunky?

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    Some of these might be too girly, but they have spunky nicknames:

    Beatrice/Beatrix nn Bea
    Gwendolen/Gwyneth nn Gwen
    Felicity nn Flick
    Coretta/Loretta/Rosetta nn Etta
    Bernadette nn Bernie/Etta
    Penelope nn Nell
    Althea/Alethea nn Thea
    Dorothea/Theodora nn Thea
    Georgina/Georgiana nn Georgi
    Vanessa nn Ness
    Teresa/Theresa nn Tess
    Aurora nn Rory
    Ramona nn Romy?
    Susannah nn Zanna/Zanne

    Or some shorter spunky options like Esme:
    Clio/Cleo, Este, Kira, Leda, Lena, Mila, Mira, Nina, Nola, Oona, Una, Vera, Vita, Zara, Zetta, Zola, Zora

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