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    Jul 2013

    New Berry Needing Brilliant Ideas!

    Hi Berries!

    Magalie here, brand new berry (former lurker - not for long tho, promise!) wanting to see the legendary nameberry brilliance in action! See, thing is I'm in need of suggestions, mostly for boys names as I'd really like to expand my tiny list. Ideally I'd love a top 10 but any advance on the only four names I love would be exciting

    My favourites are: Julian, August, Theo and Christopher (nn Kit)

    Please fire away berries! All suggestions are appreciated

    p.s: not expecting to apply any names to baby humans yet, just hoping to spark my naming love again
    under construction

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    Jun 2013
    Arthur Montgomery | Bartholomew Finn | Edric Beauregard | Ephraim Elias | Phineas Bartleby
    Rupert Valentine | Stelian Bayard | Thorin Abraham | Victor Ulysses | Zephaniah Wolf

    Alice Winifred | Antonia Mae | Augustina Rose | Beatrix Isolde | Cicely Wren
    Evanthe Valentine | Marceline Matilda | Ramona Summer | Tallulah Ivy | Trudy Esmeralda

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    Jan 2013
    Aspiring Writer. Loves books.

    Also inspired by television.

    Current Favorite Letters are B, C, F, and G.

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    Alice - Beatrix - Clara - Daphne - Flora - Harriet - Mabel - Susannah

    Albert - Barnaby - Edward - Frederick - Henry - Rupert - Theodore - Walter

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    Bardo Levi nn Bear
    Ford Gatsby
    Caesar, Caspian, Fyodor

    Halcyon Maudie
    Filomena Harbour
    Hebe Evening
    Cressida Dulcie
    Lucille Poet
    Perdita, Plum, Dulcinea

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