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    @Janna - thanks for that idea! I do like Ella as a middle name, I might like Mabel. I need to think it over.

    @sarahmezz - I've liked the name Amelia (ah-me-leah) for a while now. Maybe it could work for Mel! I also like Emily, but don't think I could make that big of a stretch to the name Mel. Melora is interesting!

    @averelladavina - Melora is interesting! I've never heard it before. How do you pronounce Melusine? Pamela sounds too old too me, and I automatically think of the nn Pam. I do like Amelia.

    @kadybug899 - interesting names, but too out there for me! Thanks for your help though.

    @freddiethepink - Melina is nice and so is Maliah!
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    Melaina: American origin, meaning black/light.
    Melania: Greek origin, meaning black.
    Melantha, combination Mel and -antha.
    Melangell: Welsh in origin, meaning dear angel.
    Melissan: Turkish, meaning summer breeze.
    Meltem: Turkish again, meaning summer breeze.
    Melvina: Scottish origin, meaning gentle lady.
    Melia: origin is English, meaning work.
    Melita, origin is Italian, meaning bee.
    Melora: Russian, Marx Engels Lenin October Revolution.
    Melva: Irish meaning gentle lady.

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    I'm pretty sure Melusine is pronounced Mel-lou-seen

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