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    My name is T@ra and I was born 1992 in the UK. In 1996 there were 422 babies born with my name and in 2012 there was 109. My name was in the top 200's in the US in 1992 but is now ranked in the 800's. I now live in Australia where 42 little T@ra's were born in 2011, I can't find where my name ranked in the UK for 1992 though? But in secondary school I was one of three in my year group and we were all friends

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    US statistics: Olivia was #50 the year I was born, currently it is #4
    Australian: (using NSW data) It was around #15 in the 1990s and currently it is #3. Although I was born in the N.T and trends seem to a bit backward there, unfortunately there are no statistics for my year or the 90s so I'm guessing it was lower than #15.
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    My name is Sophie. I was born in '92, but can only find data from 1996, where it was #1 in the UK. It has since slipped down to 9th but is still a very popular name here. I hate that's its so popular, there was at least one other Sophie in my class all through school (and one point there were 5, including me!).
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    Here are some lists for England, you have to download the year you want I think,

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    Im Amelia, from NSW Aust- when i was born in the mid 80's it was 118- with 71 babies a year. Its now in the top 10 with 500 babies a year born.

    A bit of a jump!

    Waiting for baby bear #1

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