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    @rkrd : thanks I love Alaric & Winslow .
    @ottilie : thanks I love Gawain , Lancelot , Sagramore ( swoon ! ) , Orlando , Hector & Eglamour . Especially Sagramore which i will proprably add as a middle somewhere .
    @can90 : thanks I love Heahcliff , Leonardo , Orlando , Quentin , Victor & Marcellus .
    @balloonsforellie : thanks I love Bram !! And i LOVE the image you get !

    Any other suggestions ?
    “We loved with a love that was more than love.”

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    Nico is a pretty romantic name to me.

    Then there's Jack, which I find still has a touch of the vintage romance about it.

    More obscurely I suppose there's Apollo and Angelo, which while not classically lucky in the love district have a very romantic feel to them.

    Matthias maybe?
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    Sebastian(though I have a hard time thinking of a nn for that one)
    Knight(though I wish there was a Knightly)
    Kennedy, for some reason.

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    seems to me far more romantic than Romeo. I teach high school English and a boy named that would be in misery.

    It depends what one considers romantic. I like English men with white skin and dark hair and eyes who are arrogant yet attractive (not to marry, they just seem romantic to me).

    Hence Tarquin.

    Rafael sounds romantic too.

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