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Thread: It's a Girl!!!!

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    It's a Girl!!!!

    I'm so excited to announce the early but safe arrival of newest member of our family...

    Madeleine Pearl

    Born via c-section November 8th at 10.00am. She weighs 5lb 15oz (2685g) and is 46cm in length.

    Madeleine had to spend some time in the special care nursery but overall is doing super. She is only 30 hours old but already I can't imagine being without her.

    Thank you to all the berries who read and replied to my many posts as I hunted for a name for our little bundle. I'm so greatful that I have had the wonderful people here to belp me when naming was getting far to stressful and confusing.
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    Beautiful name! Congratulations on your baby girl!

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    Congrats! Your daughter has a beautiful name. The Madeleine spelling is so pretty and I love her middle name Pearl
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    Finally! Madeleine Pearl is very pretty. Sounds great with Elizabeth and Annabelle. Many congrats to you
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    Congratulations! Madeleine Pearl is a beautiful name.

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