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    Boy Names like Rowan

    Hi Berries!
    I'm liking soft, sweet, and nature themed boy names lately and was wondering if I could have some new suggestions. My husband and I are trying to form a boys list we both like (since he doesn't like most of my choices)
    Some names we both like
    Rowen/Rowan - which is the traditional spelling?
    Everest - can't use

    Thanks for any new suggestions!

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    Some awesome names!

    I especially love Rowan (I believe this is the traditional spelling, but I am not 100% certain), Thaddeus, and Wilder.

    Other Names You May Like

    Callum - means dove
    Arthur - means bear
    Owen - It's not nature-y, but is a softer sounding boy name
    Ronan - means little seal

    Hope some of these help!

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    I like the spelling Roan and Rowan.

    Espen ("God Bear"), Bear, Everett, Gray, Wolf, Boone, Lachlan, Ash, Reed, Asher, Calder, Kai, Canyon, Ridge, River, Bridger, Brooks, Archer, Crew, Atlas, Sage (not all of these feel soft to me but thought I would add them anyway)
    Piers Lachlan o Tadhg Emerson o Finley ? o Graham Everett o Roan August
    Jack Wilder o Henry Birch o Charlie Hawthorne o David Atlas "Dax" o ? ?
    Maebry Eloise o Isla Winter o Coralie Winter o Indie Rose Clementine o Avia Juniper
    Sophia Wren o Isabel Poet o Janie ? o Eloise Maebry o ? ?

    Anneline/Anneleine ?
    GP Wilder Thackeray o Story/Fifer Anneliese GP
    ---------- o ---------- ~ o ~ ---------- o ----------

    heart my son

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    Thank you for your suggestions! I love them all but my very favorite are Callum, Arthur, River, Ronan, Espen, Bear, Gray, Asher, Ridge, and Crew. Thanks for sharing!
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