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    Just wanted to add, Sarah is as similar to Noah as Fiona is--2 syllables ending in -ah. So I don't think Sarah should be kept and over Fiona for that reason.

    I still say Fiona or Juliana!

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    I like Fiona but it's too similar in sound to Noah.
    Sarah is ok but it's kind of bland with Kay.
    Juliana/Julia would be my choice. Juliana Kay is very pretty.
    All the best,

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    Sarah is too close to Claire, Fiona is too close to Noah. Juliana will work best in your sibset, and Juliana Kay is a very nice name. Personally, I prefer a less stylized version, Julia Kay*. Also, as your other children's names are "short and sweet," Julia fits a little better as well. But if you really prefer Juliana over Julia, go for it!

    *Julia Kay actually sounds to me like some sort of company--like a jewelry company or something. It's a very marketable name, if that makes any sense?
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    My vote goes to Fiona Kay. It flows beautifully with Noah and Claire. I also love Sarah and Juliana. You can't go wrong with any of these names.
    Good luck!
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    Sarah is so overdone. Juliana is very pretty.

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