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    Unusual names (or, at least, less usual)

    These names aren't normally listed amongst my favourites, but I've been trying to expand my list and was wondering what people think of the following names for boys...honesty please...I won't be offended as they aren't top of my list...yet!

    Baby girl due on June 20, 2016

    Alice - Beatrix - Clara - Daphne - Jane - Lydia - Susannah - Violet

    August - Darcy - Everett - Frederick - George - Henry - James - Rupert

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    Auberon - Awesome, althgough I prefer Oberon

    Aurelius - awesome

    Balthazar - good in theory bu a bit antiquated perhaps

    Benno - meh

    Cedar- usually I like nature names but this one just feels a bit not right to me

    Fox - cute!

    Gable - Oooh, I like.

    Inigo - awesome and geeky - I have a guy friend named Indigo whose nn is Inigo

    Keats - okay but possibly prtetentious

    Laird - too close to Lard

    Laurent - nice

    Massimo - cute

    Mingus - meh

    Morrissey - I love the singer so I am partial, but I like it

    Odysseus - epic and awesome

    Piero - named after a mime? Nah

    Sasha - love it

    Sky - love it

    Thelonious - too close to felonious

    Viggo - awesome

    Wilder - cute

    Yale - pretentious...also I grew up near the college and it is not a particularly lovely area
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    Auberon - king of the faeries = super amazing
    Aurelius - golden and cool
    Balthazar - super fantastic!
    Benno - quirky cute
    Cedar - lovely tree and very usable
    Fox - lovely and sweet. Who doesn't like foxes?
    Gable - Clark. Enough said.
    Inigo - ooooh, smashingly sexy!
    Keats - if you love his poetry.
    Laird - ???
    Laurent - very nice. Know one.
    Massimo - Sexy! Use this, please!
    Mingus - Mingus? Not Magnus? Magnus is better. Mingus sounds... stupid.
    Morrissey - I dislike the musician by this name and he is all I see.
    Odysseus - Utter brooding loveliness.
    Piero - I think of a very cute Italian footballer so... yes!
    Sasha - Nice! Know one, he's very cool.
    Sky - Nope.
    Thelonious - eh, okay.
    Viggo - Love Viggo. Total father/grandfather name in Scandinavia but a certain hottie makes it usable and dashing.
    Wilder - Love!!!!
    Yale - uber pretentious.
    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    I like Cedar and Fox, but only for a middle name.

    Keats is kind off cool.

    Love Wilder, in my top 10. Wilder honors family and has special meaning for us.
    Piers Lachlan Wilder
    Charlie Bennett Wolf
    Oliver Henry Birch
    Dexter/Declan Theodore August
    Crispin Everett Gray
    Sophie Elizabeth Fable
    Emma Jane Magnolia
    Grace Margaret Birdie
    Lily Anne Vesper
    Nora Vivienne Azure
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    Same as with the girlies. Likes & dislikes.


    Auberon - I prefer Oberon too. Auberon is too aubergine. But I do like Oberon. I do.
    Aurelius - Love.
    Balthazar - Growing on me, especially since its use in @mega_muffin's son's name!
    Benno - as a cute nn for Benjamin, yes.
    Inigo - My favourite on your list. If I was into unusual names, this would top my list.
    Laird - as a MN only.
    Laurent, Massimo, Odysseus, Piero, Viggo - I'm loving these foreign dudes! There's a lot of sass and sexiness in there. Not sure if that's what you want from a baby name, but hey.
    Sasha - I'd love to see more male Sashas!
    Cedar - could work on the right kind of boy.


    Fox - and now that stupid fox song is in my head Tis an animal and should remain as such.
    Gable - I just dislike. And I don't know why.
    Keats - great namesake and all that but I think it'd fare better in the middle.
    Mingus - waaay too close to minge for my liking! :s
    Morrissey - a one-person surname. I'd assume you were a massive fan.
    Sky - even on girls I've never liked it. I've never met a nice Sky/Skye. And then there's the broadcasting company.
    Thelonious - would make an intriguing middle but it's a little much.
    Wilder - than? I've always disliked this name. I think it's a bit silly really.
    Yale - perhaps, in the middle. But I still think of locks and keys.

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