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    Brook for a boy?

    Looking for something unusual but not weird, and strong but sweet. Has it gone to the girls, even without the E at the end? I think it's kind of handsome! Open to other suggestions, pref one-syllable names. TIA!

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    Brook envisions bubbling brooks, which for me is a big positive. Personally I am not a fan of Brook or Brooke on either sex. I love Brooks (go figure, not sure why not Brook and Brooke then). Brooks gives you the nature feel, a bit of country, and a bit of playfulness. I have been considering putting Brooks on my favorites list.
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    I agree with lovemysweeties. I don't like Brook or Brooke for either gender, but I love Brooks for boys.
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    The only Brook I know is a woman but until I met her, I always thought Brooke = feminine and Brook = masculine. I definitely prefer Brooks for a boy, such a handsome name!
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    I was just coming here to endorse Brooks for a boy, but I see you all beat me to it! This is a favorite of mine. It feels preppy and masculine to me.
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