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Thread: Astoria?

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    I also think of Astoria, OR which is pronounced eh-STOR-ee-uh.

    I like place names, so this works for me and it sounds lovely.
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    I personally really like Astoria for the same reasons and love that story could be a go-to nn. Also, not being American personally I would not at all associate the name with a neighborhood in New York nor a small town in Oregon or even a hotel. I think the name has a great sound and look to it and as for meaning nameberry has it's definition listed as "place name", but online on other name websites indicate that Astoria might mean "like a hawk" or "quail".

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    I think Astoria is pretty.
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    So what I'm getting is it looks pretty, is a place name, the nn Story might not go over well with everyone (what does), and a character in Harry Potter. I agree it looks pretty and I find the pronunciation pretty straight forward. I was raised in the South and recently went to NYC for the first time a year ago so I never knew it was a neighborhood in Queens and I'm not sure if that's a turn off or not. However, I'm okay with it being a "small Scandinavian town in Northwestern Oregon near the mouth of the Columbia River." - oboeplayer1 I love little place names like these.
    Thanks everyone!

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    I'd pronounce it A-STORE-ee-yah, 'a' as in 'apple', if that helps. I love it, very formal and classy. And the nickname Story is great!

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