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    Middle name for Annabel

    HI Berries,
    We are getting closer to picking a girls name, baby is due in the spring. My DH only likes about 6 names! Annabel was not on my list but it is growing on me. Now looking for a middle name.

    I'd like to honour some family members: Tamsin, Joyce or Theodore. What are your opinions on the names below. I like Annabel Theodora but wondering if it sounds like too many names? Anna, Belle, Theo and Dora? Open to new suggestions too. I would consider a name that means Spring or that begins with T.
    Thanks so much!
    (our last name has one syllable)

    Annabel Theodora

    Annabel Tamsin Joyce

    Annabel Tabitha?

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    pretty name! I really do like having Annabel as my name!

    If you wanted a spring feel to the middle name, how about...
    Annabel Flora,
    Annabel Primrose,
    Annabel Iris

    I do agree that Annabel Theodora is a bit long, although not the end of the world! How about Annabel Thea? Or even Annabel Dora? I think either of those sound pretty, especially Annabel Thea!

    Another T name to consider is Annabel Tilly or Annabel Tara.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you for your suggestions. The more I look at it, the more I think Annabel Theodora is ok. Our last name has one syllable, so most days she'll be Annabel ___.
    This is likely our last child, so I want to be able to honour my sister and Grandad, which Theodora does. I guess in the end, that is more important than dropping a syllable.

    I'm so glad to hear from a real Annabel! And that you like your name. I wasn't so sure on it at first, so your message is very reassuring, thank you!

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    What about Annabel Tessa Joy?
    Adelaide, Annabel, Audrey, Aurelia, Avalon, Catherine, Daisy, Elizabeth, Felicity, Gemma, Genevieve, Helena, Isabeau, January, June, Juniper, Juno, Kate, Laine, Liv, Lucy, Luna, Matilda, Mira, Pearl, Penelope, Seraphina, Snow, Tessa, Vesper, Violet, Winter

    Asher Gregory James . Leo Sebastian North
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