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    | *Insert Quirky Title Here* |

    Hello Berries!

    I have been thinking about this name for a couple of months now, so I thought I would finally ask for inspiration and opinions from the Berry community.

    Name: Lilias or Lileas *Preferred spelling, please select from poll.*

    A) How do you think/know it is pronounced?

    How I think it's pronounced: * Highlight to show, but I would like to know your first instinct* | ly-lee-as or ly-lee-us |

    B) Do you think the spelling will decide how a person may think it is pronounced?

    C) Other thoughts? (ex. No way, go another route, Natural.)

    Similar Names that I keep interchanging with: Liliana | Lilia | Lilium |Lydia | Lilac

    Combo's I have, but does not give me that Peppermint Hot Chocolate type feeling {Last Name: Three Syllables-Starts with "W"- ends in -on}:

    I want something fun | inspirational | happy | unexpected in the middle, but not too awkard. (Not fond of virture names: Grace, Hope, Charity i.e.) I cannot really tell what is stumping me, but I hope berries can help guide me to the path of the Peppermint Hot Chocolate flow.

    PSA: Not pregnant, just want to get my jumbled thoughts together.
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    I personally don't like Lilias/Lileas bc it seems a touch masculine, and bc I prefer Lillia, Lydia, Lilac and Lilium. I think all of them are gorgeous and underused. (please vote!)

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    I.. found it weird. I never heard about it, so it's like plural version of Lilia for me. But maybe it's just me.

    I pronounce it just like any Lily names: Lee-lee-us.
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    Thank you, cristinamariane--it never occurred to me that is may sound masculine. Maybe because I usually say it with -as not -us?

    Quote Originally Posted by c@29 View Post
    I.. found it weird. I never heard about it, so it's like plural version of Lilia for me. But maybe it's just me.

    I pronounce it just like any Lily names: Lee-lee-us.

    Thank you, c@29--Honestly, that was my first reaction. The more I looked at it I thought it was Lilia's without the apostrophe. Then I started thinking that it could possibly work as an alternative to the other Lil-type names. I really do like it, but I keep second guessing myself. Which is never good when it comes to names. I wonder if that could be the reason I am having problems with my combos? Also, I do not care for the pronunciation you listed, which is another thing I am worried about.

    :Le sigh: I am still hoping Berries can further pique my interest in the name, because it has been months that I have been holding it in.

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    I read Lilias as Lily-us, and Lileas as Lil-A-us.
    I prefer the second pronunciation, but I also think that Lilia is sweet.

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