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    Let's Talk About Ilaria!

    I'm going through my list and would really love to hear individual thoughts on the names I adore, but haven't quite made my short list.

    What are your general thoughts on Ilaria?
    What would you name siblings of Ilaria?

    Previous Names: Cordelia, Madeleine, Louisa, Katarina.

    Pronciation is ee-LAH-ree-ə.

    Thanks, Berries!

    Could you check out this thread please? I'll return the favor. Send me a PM.
    Link 1 and Link 2

    Alice Hermione, Madeleine ?, Lilith Seraphine, Caroline Hazel, Rosemary Gloria, Hana Felicity, James Alaric Matthew, Henry Elijah/Henry Marcellus, Alexander Lucian Godfrey & Sebastian Rhys
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    I like it - it kind of sounds like that school on She's the Man haha

    but the name itself is beautiful(:

    Currently loving these: Caroline Blair Halle Victorie Valery Delaney
    & Hugo Henry Theo Sebastian
    Nathaniel Elliot Elijah ​Isaiah

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    Without knowing its pronunciation, my mind went to malaria and hilaria.
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    I like it but I wonder if Illyria wouldn't get less mangled in pronunciation? Ilaria has more history as a given name, though, and isn't a place (normally I avoid place names, Illyria is the exception that proves the rule)

    I really like it but am not sure I'd use it. I'm looking forward to seeing what other people think of it.

    Ilaria fits well for me with not just strictly Italian girls' like Fiorella, Caterina, Francesca... but works pretty well with most flowery, longer names. Alexandrina, Madrigal, Isidora, Ariadne...?

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    Gorgeous! I say ill-AH-ree-ah. I also like stripedsocks' suggestion of Illyria, and I also like the spelling variant Elaria
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