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    I agree with you, your husband and his friends have clearly lost their minds and not thinking about how a person has to wear a name thats hard to spell and pronounce and is just plain made up.

    You could meet him half way with a real name- Zion pronounced " Zy-on"

    Whats bad about this name is its a made up word and spelling- it sort of breaks all of my name rules.

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    I definitely think Xynon should be scrapped in favor of a compromise name. He seems to like it because it sounds cool and because it's unique, so I think finding a unique name with similar sounds that you can both get on board with is a good place to start.

    Seconding (thirding?) the suggestions of Zorion, Xander/Zander, and Zephyr.

    Zion - are you religious/spiritual at all? this one has a very deep meaning in addition to being a cool place name
    Zafar - egdy and exotic
    Zahn - very sci-fi, as Timothy Zahn was the author of many Star Wars novels
    Zenith - means the highest point, plus has the cool nickname Zen
    Zephaniah - or the short version, Zephan, if he likes a sleeker vibe
    Zane - another author name, this one does Wild West novels
    Zebulon - Biblical name, also Zebulon Pike of Pike's Peak
    Xanthos - another name for Apollo, the sun god
    Xerxes - ancient Persian name meaning "hero of heroes"

    Or if it's the edgy sci-fi feeling that he likes, what about:
    Stark - from Farscape...and Iron Man!
    Korben (or Corbin / Corban) - main character of the kookily awesome movie Fifth Element
    Riddick - since you once liked Ryker. Vin Diesel, anyone?
    Dash - smuggler in Star Wars, could also be a nickname for the increasingly popular Dashiell
    Ender - from the Orson Scott Card series which will soon be a movie
    Deckard - main character of Blade Runner
    Cloud - Final could also do Sephiroth if you're feeling brave! I think a little Seph would be strangely swoonworthy
    Elric - Edward and Alphonse, from Full Metal Alchemist
    Alistair - from the DragonAge video games. Not exactly sci-fi, but still "cool"
    Lestat - again not exactly sci-fi, but pretty hardcore
    Riku - from Kingdom Hearts. Also contains Axel and Ansem.
    Dante - from Devil May Cry (and the Divine Comedy of course)
    Arronax - Professor from a Jules Verne classic, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Also includes Nemo, the fabulously enigmatic captain
    Vash - as in Vash the Stampede from Trigun
    Azriel - Powerful, ambitious character in His Dark Materials who wants to re-engineer the Garden of Eden to prevent original sin
    Roland - the gunslinger from Stephen King's infamous Dark Tower novels
    Magnus - if husband is an X-Men fan, you can't go wrong with this nod to Magneto, whose full name is apparently Erik Magnus Lensherr. And while we're on the topic, Xavier could be a good option too.
    Constantine - Although the historical reference is cool, this one is for the demon-hunter

    Hope this helps somewhat! Let us know what you guys end up choosing! (And I have to admit, I'm praying it's not Xynon)
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    I think maybe he might like Zion, Zephyr, or Xander.
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    Xynon is terrible. If I met a Xynon, I would be seriously judging his parents. I'm not really a fan of any of the names on your list, but they're all wayyy better than Xynon (save Xevon..)
    Maybe try Xavier?
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    It's really really really awful.... My god its really bad... Anything else would be better.. Asher is wonderful

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