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    Fia is a girls name. Fiachna is very hard and masculine to me so I'd avoid.

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    I think Fiachna is pretty cool. Perhaps Fianna? sounds similar but sounds a bit more feminine and pronounceable.
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    Fiachra is a masculine name. I think the only reason Nameberry categorizes it in the girl category is because of the Fia part.

    I prefer Fiammetta. It a gorgeous feminine name that has a ton of nicknames including Fia.

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    Thanks everyone! I appreciate the opinions! I have got to make a big list and stop making these singular annoying posts, though!

    Fiammetta is lovely but it just isn't quite my style. I think you're all right about Fiachna, though, now that I've had more time to mull it over. I think I'm just desperate for girl names my husband and I can agree on, and he liked "Fia". I didn't like it standing on its own. Back to square one.

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    Going to close the thread, whoops.

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