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    Fiachna for a girl?

    Is that just a big fat no? I'm usually not a fan of using a boy name for a girl (having grown up with a masculine name myself, I s'pose), but I'm suddenly really digging Fia/Fiachna...darn it. It's so very uncommon in the US. I can't imagine most people would think me strange if I used it on a girl, but nevertheless, I worry.

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    I'm not a particular fan of the sound, but it could work if you love it. =]
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    I'm mostly wondering if I should let myself fall in love! Maybe not...

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    In the US I would prefer it for a girl. I strongly believe in the theory that names that end in an -a are for girls. This is just my opinion though.
    Fiachna is a different name but it could grow on me as it is quirky. If I knew a girl name Fiachna and I was exposed to it often enough I'm sure I'd view it normally. In the same way I view Siobhan.

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    I've never heard of this name and I don't think it's a very flattering name. Have you considered Fiammetta?
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