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    You would name two girls and two boys what?

    I had a friend state that I had to announce two girl names and two boy names I would give to my children and had to state these names immediately with no time for thought.

    I chose Story Anneliese, Coralie Winter, Declan Jude, and Paxton Wolf.

    What names would you choose? Remember no time for thinking about it.
    Emerson Gray - Bennett Wolf - Archer Finley - Piers Lachlan - Addison Birch
    Tadhg Emerson - Gray Everett - Roan August - Crew Rafferty - Crispin ?
    Lilia Rose - Story Anneliese - Isabel Hettie "Isby" - Sofie Wren - Emmeline ? "Milly"
    Coralie Winter - Everly Marit - Waverly Pearl - Eliza Jane - ? ?

    my son

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