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    The first book in Jean Auel's Earth's Children series was great, but I have to say that the novels that came after Clan of the Cave Bear didn't seem quite as good (to me, at least).

    For Ayla's middle name, I would use "Jeanalue," which honors author "Jean Auel" in anagram.

    Ayla Jeanalue

    -- Nephele

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    Woah thanks for the names guys they sound awesome! I especially like Ayla Charlotte. I have heard of the book series but I looked it up and was confused whether the whole series was the 'Clan of the Cave Bear' or if it was just the one book with sequels but I will be sure to read it when I have finished my Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin! I actually like the idea of honouring the author with her name but not sure how it would sound lol and not so fond of the name Jean unfortunately :/ Thanks for the ideas, it's really helping!

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    I like Ayla Isobel and Ayla Penelope. I like Ayla Charlotte too.
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