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    emsky: Well that makes me feel better. And yes, I do actually also have a number of lists. Including a "NB" list of names that I liked off of NB and should probably reconsider should another name be eliminated. Oriana definitely just made that list. (So she might be back once the SO veto's Endora -> which I expect to happen as soon as he takes a closer look at this list. Not a huge Bewitched fan I fear).

    Otter: "When pregnant become Hermit." Got it. <wink>. We had our neighbors over for dinner tonight as well and I almost kicked them out at 10:30 because I'm just tired, I can't imagine how you feel. I really like Corinna (though it's the name of a family friend), Honoria, Isolina, Maxima (though we have two Maximillians who are currently 3 in the family) and Octavia…oh and Perdita (so cute)… I think I need to forgo Miranda besides the beautiful Tempest reference I don't really love her on the Miranda's I've meet. Sabrina and Zelda might be pushing my twitchy-witches (Tabitha and Endora) over the tv-show witch edge. (Though I do like Zelda) and Paloma is firmly on my Spanish mn list. Thanks. Do you like Hortensia as well or just Ortensia? I don't know I'm sort of feeling the "old lady"-flower names like Hortensia and Petunia lately. I know SO would veto them in a heart beat though. They might have to make for good mn options in the future.

    aftrev: I have considered Veronica in the past. She doesn't make my list because SO's mothers name was Victoria (which I dislike, though I do like Victor). I fear that if we ever use a V girls name it would have to be that - he's a total momma's boy. Viola hasn't come off the list yet because her favorite color was Violet and it's almost close enough - maybe. What other names did you consider while naming your girls?

    ashley: (is it okay to shorten your sn to this or would you prefer something different?) I love Josefina but the J-H thing in Spanish kills all J names for me. Fiona, Oriana and Solina are all great suggestions. Thanks!
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    We're actually name hunting right now again We were insanely lucky with our first two, both names were the first names we brought up. Although we are crazy nickname people, I blame the hubby his name is Joseph but is know by Jody. Veronica Lee goes by Vroni (German influence here making it pronounced Fro Knee) and Lorelei Elizabet is Rory. Our current debates are Gwendolyn- nm Endy, Evelyn- nm Evie, Anastasia- nm Nessa, Genevieve- nm Evie, Remington- nm Remi, Ottolie- nm Ollie. Basically we're floundering on the third! Haha I'm afraid that means its a boy!

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    Lexi, the veto of Loretta is sad! But I so adore the rest of your list! I love Miranda - it is too bad the ones you've known have been meh. I definitely second Gwendolyn and Fiona.

    Hmmm, what to suggest? I think we have somewhat similar tastes, so how about...





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    aftrev: I love the idea of Gwendolyn for you. Would be so cool for all your girls to have different beginning and ending letters. (Which apparently will never happen for me as I'm a -ia and -a glutton. More reason for my Lorelei love).

    Moon: I love Aurelia! and Veruca is awesome. Though I love "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "Veruca, darling!" is my only hang up for this name. Will anyone else think about this besides me? Because, well I'd rather not have people think about my child and a spoiled, spoiled brat who wants everything NOW in on breath. (I am totally over thinking this as we aren't even TTC yet. Aren't I?) And I've considered Lydia but it's one of my best friends names and I think unless it's immediate family I'm avoiding honoring names at the moment. (I think I might not have been clear on Miranda. The Miranda's are awesome, the name just never seems to fit right).

    From the names suggested so far I think: Isolde, Veruca and Honoria are my favorite. (Elora, Perdita and Eloise are in second place).
    Any non -a or -ia ending name suggestions? (I clearly could use some help branching out).
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