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Thread: Susanna

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    I need middle name suggestions for Susanna. Our last name is Tys0n. The only combo that has jumped to mind is Susanna Ruth. Ruth is a long time favorite of mine, but I'd like to present dh with some more options. I'm still stunned that he has come around to Susanna. I sealed the deal this morning by revealing to him that Sunny can be used as a nn for Susanna. I'm always looking for a way to use Mary so I'm also considering Susanna Mary.
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    Yay! Love that you are putting Susanna on your list!! Love Susanna!! O.K. Middles:
    Susanna Joy
    Susanna Grace
    Susanna Ruth - I quite like this one!
    Susanna Faith
    Susanna Elizabeth (I know this is a little longer, but sounds so pretty with your last name!)
    Susanna Hope
    Susanna Mae
    Susanna Isabel

    - as for Susanna Mary- I am not loving the flow... I do really like Mary Susanna!!!! That is so pretty!!! Also, Susanna Marie
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    I love Susanna Ruth! I prefer it to Susanna Mary. Other ideas (keeping with the shorter middles):

    Susanna Faith, Susanna Poppy, Susanna Pearl, Susanna Tess, Susanna Jane, Susanna Quinn, Susanna Maeve, Susanna Ivy, Susanna Faye...

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    I LOVE Susanna! One of my favourites :-) Sunny is such a cool nickname - never thought of that one before! I like Susie too :-)

    Middle name suggestions:
    Susanna Naomi Tys0n
    Susanna Evangeline Tys0n
    Susanna Imogen Tys0n
    Susanna Genevieve Tys0n
    Susanna Juliette Tys0n
    Susanna May Tys0n
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