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    5. Bow Before Griffin

    Yes, I know. I'm posting a ton but I've been working on a lot of different writing things here lately.

    Genre of Story: Fantasy

    Time Period/Location: Kind of a feudal Japan but not on Earth

    Brief Plot: After killing his abusive family, 15 year old Griffin is murdered in turn. Nyoka (the devil basically) offers him the deal to come back and tie up his loose ends (he let his sister and some servants live) if he swears to serve Nyoka's whims. Griffin agree and is allowed a second chance. He hunts down those loose ends but in tying those up, forgets the children. They are taken away by another man and raised. It takes Griffin a long time to find them, but he does eventually. Slaughter and betrayal and scheming and the like ensue. The side plot involves a family of people who can use magic when magic isn't remotely common in this world and the persecution they feel before the hook up with the main people.

    Unchanged Characters: Griffin (villian), Nyoka (the devil), Damien (main guys brother and sometimes bad guy), Frost (not his real name but he uses it. Raises main people), Seneca (priest), Trista (Damien's fiance, dies), (these are all main girls family) Ronan, Phyra, Lilia, Skye

    Character 1:

    Current Name: Anese

    Reason for Change: I LOVE her name, but I need it too look like it sounds. I want it to say uh-ness

    Character Description: Very feisty, strong, doesn't take the guys BS, but still loves the other main guy. She doesn't take Griffin's BS either. She's brown haired, brown eyed, has a little scar on her right cheek. I'd love a name that goes with her families if we can't find a spelling to sound like uh-ness.

    Immediate Family (if relevant): Ronan, Phyra, Lilia, Skye, Aspen (changing)

    Character 2:

    Current Name: Aspen

    Reason for Change: I just don't like Aspen. I picked it a long time ago. I want another tree name or nature name in general

    Character Description: Sweet, lovable, kind hearted, sensitive. She doesn't like confrontation and she's very shy. Very earthy. Pale green eyes, very long brownish hair.

    Immediate Family (if relevant): Ronan, Phyra, Lilia, Skye, Anese (changing)

    Character 3:

    Current Name: Veroku

    Reason for Change: I just don't think it matches. I like it, but I need something to go with everyone (and his family). Another V name would be nice but not required.

    Character Description: Determined, strong, very easy to make strategies, easy to feel hurt though. Holds grudges. Long blond hair, blue eyes.

    Immediate Family (if relevant): Damien (brother), Eryx (father. This is a real name, not creative), Ren (mother) -- My Amazon Author Page

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    character one: Aness?

    character two: Linden was my first thought. I also think Cassia, Laurel, Maple, Cypress, Holly, Alder and Yarrow, and maybe even Beech could work. Darona is an old Welsh oak spirit.

    character three: Vincent ("conquering") or Vladimir ("to rule"). Other V-names: Vedran ("serene"), Verus ("truthful"), Vidar (Norse God of vengeance), Viper ("to bring forth"), Vitus ("life").
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    Hmm, going to come back here. I have to hop in the shower so my hair will dry for my costume. Quick thought RE: uh-ness is you're going to have to be careful with spelling, because a lot of ANS names just look like anus, which is less than pleasant.
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    Thanks you two! I like Vidar. It fits his character ^_^

    This is a back burner project anyway. I'm starting my NaNoWriMo project so I'll ask over on the NaNo boards while I'm working on my other project ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Character 1: Currently Anese. There is a real name Annis (a form of Agnes) but it may be too much like the word "anus". Variants are Annice, Annes, Anniss, Annys, Annyss.

    Character 2: Currently Aspen.
    Tree names : Sequoia, Cedar. Cypress, Maple, Yarrow, Birch, Beech, Hemlock, Hickory, Fern , Sumac, Plum, Bodhi, Almond, Acacia, Rowan, Laurel, Mimosa, Larch, Mulberry, Hawthorn

    Not trees but close enough: Arbor, Glade, Grove, Season, Glenrowan (a real name: valley with rowan trees)

    Other Nature Names: Jessamine, Angelica, Veronica, Verbena, Juniper, Jonquil, Anemone, Bryony, Tansy, Marigold, Celandine, Lavender, Lilac, Elowen, Eirlys, Clover, Sorrel, Eglantine, Willow, Zinnia, Lark, Wren, Dove, Saffron, Hazel, Iris, Primula, Orchid

    Character 3: Currently Veroku. Ok you like Vidar so I don't know if you want suggestions. Valerian, Vachel, Valiant, Vere
    All the best,

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