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    What Would You Name Her?

    Alright: Imagine a little girl about five years old with blue eyes and full lips and luscious red hair (probably leaning towards lighter, strawberry blonde but possibly darker -- her dad is a rusty red head, mom yellow-blonde). Her skin, though fair, has a glow and is smooth and un-freckled. A little bit mischievous but not uncouth. Just a bit of a free spirit, who likes dresses and dolls but gets 'em dirty. She'll likely grow up to be tall and probably is already a little tall for her age.

    What would you name her?

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    Well, you've described my sister perfectly (well, she's 15 now, but when she was 5), and her name is Mikayla, so I'd have to say that. I also think Maeve really works well. Zoe perhaps? Ooh, and Chloe too.

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    Roxanne; I always think of a little, mischievous, red haired girl when I see this name.
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